Monday, September 19, 2011

Pudding Art

How do you entertain your child while you cook muffins?

Nothing like a little cleaning up with a bath in the kitchen sink.  She loved it.  She was trying to grab everything in site.

Finders Keepers

Addison found the marshmellows in the pantry.  I hope she's not like her momma and loves to eat sweets.  She was so into cartoons and the eating the marshmellows that she didn't even notice me taking her picture. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday

Mom playing around with my hair.  If it would just do this when it's dry, but it's so fine.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tides Have Turned

You would never guess this, but Addison is starting to fall in love with my dad - with a little bit of hesitation still but much better.  She loves to play tractors and trucks with him.  I think she found a way to his heart.  I have some great pictures of them coming soon, so stay tuned.  Oh what Grandaddy's will do for their little girls.

We'll Miss You Dezzy

How cute is this?  The girls love that my parents have a glass door on the front.  They could look out there forever.  Of course my parents black lab thought she was getting all of the attention.  Unfortunately my parents had to put Dezzy down a few weeks after we took this picture.  What a sweet dog she was.  My parents are down to just a cow dog, Cracker and a barn cat, Wi-Fi (my dad's idea).

We Love Our Nana

The day was coming to an end and we made a stop by Nana's new apartment.  The girls were on a downhill slide, so this is the best picture we could get.  Nana will be celebrating her 98th birthday next month.  We love our Nana!!!

Pioneer Days

We loaded up the car and headed back to New Boston to take Addison to the local Pioneer Days.  It's a weekend full of small town parade, carnival, rodeo.  You get the gist.  She had such a good time.  I can remember the days when I thought Pioneer Days was such a big event.  Don't get me wrong, it is a big event for my small home town, but it's so small compared to the State Fair.

Let me tell you - it was HOT!!!! 

T.W. & Jordan

Sittin with MeeMaw taking it all in.  She loved the fire trucks, marching bands, and horses the most.
How cute is this?  In the background is the church I grew up in.  We went inside and I looked in the sanctuary and it brought back so many memories.  I can remember our confirmation class standing up at the front and kneeling to profess how we understood that Christ died on the cross for us and that we were saved from our sins and would have eternal life because of his grace.