Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Upward Basketball

We loaded up the car and went to New Boston to watch my nephew play Upwards Basketball at the church I grew up in.  He's only six so we have yet to figure out if he's going to be an athlete or not.
The girls are performing a song - "If You're Going To Play In Texas You've Gotta Have a Fiddle In The Band."

My mom finally got in a picture

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Country Air

There's nothing like a good ole weekend in the country with MeeMaw and Grandaddy.  The love that the girls have for their grandparents makes my heart smile.  Thank you Lord for all your many blessings.

I think you can tell by their faces that they wouldn't wan to be anywhere else
The girls think that it's funny to sit in Grandaddy's chair
Gig'em - Grandaddy would be so proud

The best breakfast chef - Grandaddy and his pancakes

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kitchen After

Work in progress

Along with painting cabinets and getting new hardware, my Aunt Deb helped us with some new decor.  You don't realize how bad your house needs a pick me up until it gets one.  It's really starting to come today and I feel like my home is more comfy and just enjoyable.  Thanks Deb.  You always know how to make a girl happy.

The girls got new stools.  They use them every day.
Chalkboards, new chairs, light fixture
You can see the cabinets better here

I'm going to try and get much better pictures later.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kitchen Before

When Jordan said he wanted to change out the door knobs from brass to brushed nickel, I responded with sounds good to me and we'll need to go ahead and paint the cabinets while we're at it.  He said okay, and I was on the phone the next day to get some estimates.  I have always hated the color of my cabinets and knew that a change would make the house look so much better.

See what I mean?  Horrible.

Tomorrow's post will show you the new cabinets.  We have done so much to the house since painting the cabinets and changing out all of the hardware (door knobs, sink fixtures, shower fixtures).  The decorations have been stepped up a notch.  I've decided that this house may be our little home for a few more years until the market starts to slow down.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Flowers

My family really knows me well.  I received beautiful flowers for my birthday.

From the girls 
My parents
My best friend - Jordan

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Work Birthday

Xep, me, Ken, Edwin

I know my birthday was February 19th but I'm catching up on post.  At work we have started doing a birthday cake once a month for all the birthdays that month.  There were only four employees in the month of February.  What a great tradition to start and I'm pretty sure the employees enjoy the mini celebration.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Quiet Time

Every now and then Jordan and I need some "quiet time."  I believe it's good for both the parents and the children.  So we loaded up the girls and they headed for New Boston.  Just so I can remember what we used to do when I get old and my memory leaves me, I'm going to make some geographical references.  

Jordan and I met MeeMee and Papa in Sulphur Springs with the girls and they then took them to my parents in New Boston.  I decided that we had gone long enough without a DVD player for the car.  We had one when Addison was little but it had died on us due to the hot summer heat in Texas.  Note to self: take them out when not going on long trips.  

They got their own headphones for Valentines Day.

And this is what we did while they were gone....have a few drinks and relax.