Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I could watch these two play together all day long.  It melts my heart when they play sweet together.  Believe me, there are probably more times than not that one is yelling or pulling because the other took what they were playing with.  Landry observes Addison's every move.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not Enough Day Light

When I was growing up I can remember playing outside until my mom whistled, which meant wherever you are in the neighborhood get home.  I always wanted my kids to love to be outside.  The weather has been really nice the last few weeks, so we have spent a lot of time outside on the play set.  The girls absolutely love to swing and go down the slide.  It's a race to see who can get up the ladder the fastest.  There's been a little bit of pushing and clawing to get up there and once they are up on top to see who gets to go down the slide first.  I just let them duke it out for the most part (great parenting, huh).

The funniest part is watching Landry slide down.  She's figured out that she doesn't need assistance if she slide belly down, feet first.  I'll have to get it on video.  She's so proud of herself when she lands.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Landry's Down for the Count


This little girl is not feeling good at all.  

She decided to get a double ear infection and strep throat Thursday.  Watching your little one being miserable is so heart breaking.  I know it's only an ear infection and strep throat, but she's just not herself.  So all weekend we hung out a lot and and she slept a lot.  She has her 18 month checkup next month so we'll see if they say anything about getting tubes in her ears.  

Landry & Mommy

Love this little girl!  You're mischievous and can give anyone that smile that melts your heart and lets you get away with more than you should.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Miss Addison Lea will be getting her a new bed this weekend.  Her great Aunt Deb and great Uncle Rene bought her a new headboard from Pottery Barn for her birthday.  She is so excited to get her "big" bed.  She's already in a twin bed, but this will move her up to a queen bed.  Thanks Aunt Deb and Uncle Rene!

Since she's getting a bigger bed that meant that we had to order a new mattress.  We're going to be moving the queen mattress in the guest room to Addison's room and the new one will go in the guest room.  My mom, which is the one that sleeps on it the most, got to go mattress shopping with us for Mother's Day to pick out "her" new mattress.  Hope you like it Mom!!!  It's not a Sleep Number, but it's definitely a step above what she has now (not much cushion).

Now that she's getting a new bed, I've got to get on the ball of finding her new bedding and curtains.  I thought I would paint her room and start all over, but now I've decided to try and find bedding that will go with the paint color.  It's hard to find bedding that's not too old looking but not Dora themed.  Let the search begin.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Administrative Day

Aren't the beautiful?  My boss, Rene Isip sent them to me for Administrative Day.  It's nice to feel appreciated every now and then.  Thanks Rene.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bloom written by Kelle Hampton

About a year ago I came across a blog, Enjoying the Small Things that I have fallen in love with.  I think I'm just one of millions that have fallen in love with this story and Kelle Hampton's style of writing.  She is so inspiring and has the best outlook on life and truthful about life.

She wrote a memoir about the birth of youngest girl, Nella being born with down syndrome.  What an amazing story.  I love that she shares how she truly felt that time in her life and didn't hide behind a curtain.  There are so many times in our lives that we are not ourselves, because we want to conform to what we think society thinks we should be.  

If I had to recommend a good read this summer, this would be one!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  If you don't get the book, bookmark her blog.

Addison: 3 Years

Laptop from Aunt Marcia and Uncle Sam
She's acting like she's at work - like Mommy

Miss Addison Lea turned 3 on April 23rd.  Each time I post an update on each girls age and what they are up to, I am amazed at how time flies by.  I can still remember bringing her home the first day from the hospital.  I love this little girl and all that she is and is becoming.

  • Weight: 28 lbs (25%)
  • Length: 36.5" (25-50%)
  • BMI: 14.8 (25%)
  • Eating all kinds of veggies and fruits (never thought this day would come)
    • Favorites: carrots, lettuce, strawberries, bananas, broccoli
  • Talks nonstop
  • Sings constantly
  • Will play outside all day long - play set, swinging, jeep, tricycle, running, anything with water
  • Kind hearted!!!!!  
  • Knuckle head at times
  • Plays well with others
  • Really likes jeeps, construction equipment, tractors
  • Potty trained, except for bedtime (almost there)
  • Likes to take care of people, bugs, etc.
  • Knows #s, colors, letters
  • Still carries "Bunny" around
  • Likes to pray and night and thank Him for.....
  • Enjoys to put on my shoes, makeup, jewelry
  • Likes her privacy
  • Admires her Daddy a lot
  • We find her asleep by her door a lot at bedtime with her pillow, Bunny, and blanket
  • You can bet she'll ask you to go potty one time after she's been put to bed

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MeeMaw & Balloons

At Addison's birthday party, my mom kept Landry entertained with a balloon.  Cheap entertainment.  I don't know who had more fun, my mom or Landry.  The faces that my mom made are hilarious.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Western Day

On Addison's 3rd Birthday (April 23rd) it was Western Day at MDO.  You would think that since I'm from small town USA that the girls would have cowboy boots, but they don't.  Therefore, I had the task of coming up with a way to bring the "western" to the Griffin household.  What comes to your mind when you think of western?  Handkerchief right?  So pink handkerchiefs and blue jeans it was.  

All of the balloons were in Addison's room for her birthday that morning.  I got up extra early to blow them up and set them in her room so they'd be there when she woke up.  Wouldn't you know that little stinker heard ONE balloon drop and she was wide awake.  So much for surprises.  Needless to say, we spent a lot of quality time together just the two of us that morning.  Instead of going for a run before getting ready for work, cartoons it was.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  (Oh how I could write a whole post on time with my children - maybe I'll get that soon.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Addison's 3rd Birthday Party

Addison had her Jeep themed 3rd birthday party on Saturday, April 21st.  She is in love with Jeeps, so we went with the girlie Jeep theme this year.  I think her cousin, William thought that was the coolest.  The two of them were eyeing the Jeep on the cake along with sticking their fingers in the icing.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of more of the party details, but I always think of that after the party is over.

What a blessing to have such a sweet, loving family and friends to share our little girls 3rd birthday.  She received so much love and gifts that weekend.  It's so exciting to see how she really "gets it."  

Addison actually turned 3 on April 23rd.  We are going for her 3 year check up next week, so I will write a post on her stats and "All About Addison" segment.  

Addison's favorite - pizza and salad

 They were both sticking their fingers in the icing
Happy Birthday song
At her 1 and 2 year old birthday parties she screamed when everyone sang, so we have definitely made progress and matured a little bit.  She was loving being center of attention.
 I don't know how much cake she ate or if it was just the icing that was consumed.
 Papa (Great Grandfather on my side) - Mimi (Great Grandmother on Jordan's side)

 Sister made sure not to miss the cake part

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Restaurant Style

MeeMaw and Grandaddy came through as the Easter Bunny again.  The girls got baskets with tons of stuff inside.  I love how my mom really makes each girl's basket fit their personality.  All of the items inside go with each girl.  Thanks Mom for taking the time to make our girls feel so loved and special.

Hair set
 Gift bags are the best
 Can't go wrong with Elmo

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Tucked Away

Aunt Deb bought the girls bunny rabbit sleeping bags for Easter.  They are the cutest things.  You can unzip the on the bottom so you can push your legs through and hop around like a bunny.  If you're interested, they're at ToysRUs.  Thanks Aunt Deb!