Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

As a mom you think about what you're going to dress your children up for Halloween weeks before.  After tons of time searching online and thinking about what best fits each childs personality, we ended up with a Dr. Addison and Ladybug Landry. 

Pre-Halloween to show off for Gingy and Coach

The hat only lasted for pictures and then we resorted to a ladybug bow.

Addison had this grin on her face most of the night.  She loved being a doctor.

Landry on the other hand.  She was not in a smiley mood but was very content people watching.

Mel & Maggie's house

The McKethan's joined us for a few houses.  Kate was the prettiest little ballerina.

Addison finally decided to say trick or treat and open her bag at the last house we went to.

This girl can hear a wrapper from anywhere.  She was all about the candy.

Taking inventory of our trick or treating.

Target: New Seat Assignment

Just when your newborn is able to sit in the grocery cart by themselves, they learn to crawl out.  Landry has learned how to get out of the seatbelt and stand up.  Therefore she has moved on to the main part of the cart when needed.  This girl is going to keep our hands full. 

Always on His Game

Jordan brought me flowers "just because."  I love this guy more and more every day.  He has been my rock while we continue to figure what exactly is going on with my health.  I love you babe!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Look airplane

Addison is fascinated by airplanes/helicopters.  I think our house is in a flight zone, because we have airplanes above our house every few minutes all day long.  We don't live to a major airport, but we are definitely see our share of airplanes.

Look Momma - "airpane"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Health = Blessing

This picture was the start of it all.....
ID bracelet to get sonogram and hyda scan

Main reason for me not blogging lately – sickness!!!

Within the last month our little family has been to doctors’ offices, hospitals, etc. with various different ailments.  I know our blog is mainly to celebrate the girls and show pictures of them throughout their childhood so we can record it a book, but I wanted to write about our bout with recent illness to remind myself of when, where, etc.

I’m going to try and put it in a timeline format to make it easier, so bare with all the little details.  For most of you reading you won’t care about this post, but remember it’s for me too.

Please note that about 1 ½ before all of this I started not feeling well (fatigue, amber urine, headaches, etc.) but just put it off as dehydrated and not taking time to take care of myself (too many Diet Cokes).

  •  I decide to go to the family doctor to see what’s going on.  He took a urine sample and blood work.  Urine sample showed dehydrated while at the doctor’s office.
  • Family doctor (Pat Coates) called my cell phone that morning, but I didn’t answer.  Coates (knows Jordan) called his cell phone and told me to come in asap, because my liver enzyme levels were out the roof.
  • Went in that morning and he discussed with me possible hepatitis, mono, etc.  He did more blood work and said he would get back with me asap.  He also requested that I get a sonogram of the liver and a hyda scan done of my gallbladder (check for blockage).
  • Afternoon I went to Baylor Garland to get those tests done.  Hyda scan showed that my gallbladder had an excretion percentage of 4. Therefore that means my gallbladder isn’t really working.
  • Family doctor says that he should have blood work back Sunday (9/25), maybe Monday (9/26)
  • Landry throws up everywhere in the car on the way to Murphy City Maize Days
  • Landry was still not feeling good (fever, throwing up, whining, etc.
  • Addison starts throwing up and fever
  • Jordan and Alyson take Addison and Landry to Acute Kids in Allen afterhours, because they are getting really dehydrated and not keeping anything down.  Addison ends up getting an IV of fluids and Landry is given Pedialite.  They are prescribed meds and sent home.  While they’re there I call my mom and she starts heading this way to help out.
  • When Jordan gets home I am in the fetal position in our bed.  As soon as my mom gets to the house, Jordan takes me to the emergency room.
  • I am checked into the hospital and begin throwing up, etc.  With my liver enzymes so high and a virus possibly they decide I need to stay.
  • I’m in the hospital and they continue to run blood tests, etc. to see if they can nail down what’s going on with my liver
  • Addison and Landry are both recovering from the stomach virus.  In the meantime Jordan, my mom, and Alyson get it.
  • Jordan goes to the emergency room and has to get IV fluids to rehydrate
  • I meet with Dr. Vicente Chan (GI doctor) to discuss what’s exactly going on.
  • Told that the blood work shows that I have autoimmune hepatitis (click to learn more).  At this time he requests that I get a liver biopsy to confirm the autoimmune hepatitis.  I am so prescribed Prednisone (lovely side effects, but heck I’ll take it over how I’ve felt the last few months) and Imuran to suppress my immune system and get the liver enzyme count down.
  • Liver biopsy
  • Begin Prednisone (30 mg) and Imuran (50 mg)
  • Liver biopsy is read by Baylor Garland radiologist.  BG radiologist doesn’t want to say yes or no to autoimmune hepatitis, so they send it to Baylor Hospital Downtown to review.
  • Blood work drawn to see if liver enzymes have gone down
  • Dr. Chan called and said Baylor Downtown came back with inconclusive for autoimmune hepatitis but wanted to get a urine test to check for Wilson’s disease
  • Urine test is taken to lab
  • Vision test performed – no Wilson’s disease
  • Dr. Chan says urine test shows no Wilson’s disease.  He wants to get more blood work done to confirm autoimmune hepatitis.
  • Lower Prednisone to 20 mg (yippee!!!)
  • Was supposed to get blood work done for more confirmation and to check liver enzyme counts but mass confusion with Quest Diagnostics and Dr. Chan’s office.
  • Spoke with Susan Watkins (NP) at my endocrinologist office.   I have been in contact with their office from day one and they have been awesome.  She stated that both her and Dr. Jonathan Leffert agreed that after this blood work that I should go see a liver specialist.  So once I can get this final blood work drawn then we’ll be making an appointment to see what the specialist says.  He may say the same thing but at least that will put me at ease knowing that we had the best doctor tell us what exactly I’m looking at having.
What a chaotic time in the Griffin household.  During this time I know that God has my hand is walking beside me to give me strength and comfort.  I feel so content for some reason knowing that He is in control.  

Nana's 98th Birthday

Nana (my great grandmother) turned 98 on October 9th.  Unfortunately we didn't make it to her little birthday party - sickness was preventing us from traveling.  

What a sweet woman.  I'm so glad that she has made it to see both of our girls born.  She brings back so many memories of my childhood.  My parents had us early in life, so we were able to enjoy our great grandparents for many years.  

Nana was one that took me to dance lessons, swimming lessons, taught me how to read, fed me tons of homemade food (there's just something about a grandmother's touch when cooking), never raised her voice, always put others first.  I could go on and on.  She's most known in our family for her cornbread.  Luckily everyone in the family has a handwritten copy of the recipe.  

We love you Nana!

Football Games - Marching Band

During the football season we've been heading over to a football stadium that Plano teams play about a half a mile from our house to watch a few games.  The girls really enjoy watching the "marching band."  Addison will try and name all of the instruments.  As you can tell from the picture below, the games go past our bed time.  Addison was worn out from all of the cheering.

Landry's Walking

Landry has been taking 1-2 steps over the past few weeks, but last night she started really walking.  She's not comfortable yet, but we sure are building up our confidence.  As parents, Jordan and I were so excited to see her walk but in the same breath thinking here we go.  She's going to be everywhere.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Can't Contain Me

Landry has become our little climber and adventurer.  She'll sit still while we pull her in the wagon but as soon as she's unbuckled, she's off.  I caught her in action after we finished a wagon ride one evening.

"I did it Momma.  I did it."

"Hi Momma"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jordan's HS Reunion

Jordan had his 10 year high school reunion September 16th and 17th.  He graduated from North Mesquite High School.  It was great to meet a lot of his classmates.
Friday night we went to the football game.  Unfortunately it started raining (it hadn't rained in 2 months), so we left early and prepared ourselves for the upcoming day.

Saturday a group of us stayed down at the W Hotel.  That afternoon we hung out at the pool and then gathered ourselves up for a big evening.  The reunion was held at City Place in Dallas.

Front: Chad Wynn
Back: Chelsea James, Jordan, Courtney, Matt James

Matt & Chelsea

Happy Birthday William

Happy Birthday William!!!!

William turned 5 on September 21, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

TX/OU Weekend

Jordan went to the Texas/OU game on Saturday.  The girls had MDO on Friday, so I dressed them up in the UT attire.  Too bad the attire didnt' help the Horns win. 

I'll Eat from Whoever Will Feed Me

Landy is definitely our eater.  Addison has always been such a picky eater, but Landry on the other hand will eat prety much whatever you give her and from whomever.  Addison loves to feed Landry and Landry just laughs and laughs while Addison feeds her.  It's always interesting to see where most of the food ends up.


Just a few snap shots of the girls before we start getting ready for bed.  Here's a little schedule that we follow every night:

6:00p - Eat Dinner
6:30p - Play outside, if weather permits
7:00p - Bath
7:30p - Play, read books
8: 15p - Bed time

Addison will be carrying bunny and blanket to kindergarten.  We'll start working on that the first of the year.  At least we don't have to take it to MDO anymore.

She pulls down on the rim.  If you're not watching her, she tries to sneak her hands in the fireplace.  She'll look around at both Jordan and myself before she puts her hand in the fireplace to see if she's being watched.  If she noticed we're watching she grins and grins and grins thinking that'll win us over. 

Tired baby

Labor Day Weekend

We stayed pretty low key for Labor Day weekend.  We met up with Kate to play at the park.  The girls had a great time.  They didn't talk too much because they were nostop up and down the slides.

Sunday Funday

The tent is one of the best places to read a book, unless Dad's lap is available.  Of course, it was a place where Addison could get away from Landry but not anymore.  Sister is everywhere Addison is.

I just love this smile!  She cracks me up. 

Love Has No Boundaries

Oh what Granddaddy will do for his grand daughters.  This is a little bit different type of playing than when the girls go to New Boston where there's tractors, cows, etc.  This is how the girls play when you come to the big city.  We love you Granddaddy.

MDO Fall 2011

The new school year has come upon us.  It was Addison's second year at MDO at First Baptist Garland.  I can't believe she's changed so much is just one year. 

The girls weren't too excited.  They're used to still being in their pajamas at this time.  However, we made it on time and everyone survived the first day at school.  Landy whined all day, but Addison did great.  Landry's going through a little bit of stranger anxiety right now, so hopefully we'll get over that sooner than later.

What We Like to Eat

Addison is more of a donut kind of girl, but
Landy is more of a crayon type of girl