Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Big Move: Prosper, Texas

Our life changed December 2014 with this little sign.  I have to document the story because I want us to look back and realize the blessings that bestowed upon us during this time in our lives.
 On Thursday, December 4th I called Jordan and told me "IT WAS TIME TO MOVE."  If you know me, you know that I have searched, etc. for the past 2-3 years to find the perfect home and the perfect location.  We would always find a beautiful home but just couldn't decide on WHERE?  Well, on December 4th we got new neighbors next door and I just knew in my heart that we needed to move to make our family's future better.  We really liked Murphy, had some good neighbors, and Addison loved her school but it just felt right.  We have prayed for this for a long time and I asked for a sign when the time was right.  The timing was perfect.  When I say perfect, I mean we couldn't have dreamed up this scenario any better.

Friday, December 5th Jordan and I decided to go look out in Prosper for a new home.  We knew the area was very sought after with great schools, citizens, and community.  So Friday afternoon we headed up north to Prosper to see what spec homes were available.  We started our search in the development of Light Farms.  We began with homes that we thought we would like but I just wasn't seeing anything that I was in love with and it felt right.  The day was coming to an end and the girls were at whits end and Jordan had not eaten lunch.  Bad combo.  As we were getting ready to leave the neighborhood, I told Jordan just to turn around and go see what Drees and Highland Homes had a available for specs.  It was most likely out of our price range and I knew I needed to just see for myself that what I dreamed of was not going to be a reality.  The girls and I waited in the car while Jordan went inside to talk to the sales rep to get a spec sheet on what was available, or so I thought.  He later told me he went in to just go to the bathroom and was going to come out and said he talked to someone.  He just wanted to appease me.  He didn't' know what he was about to get in to.  A few minutes later he came walking out and told me to come in.  Drees Homes at a home that they just lowered the price and we just need to go look at.  With that being said, 5 minutes later we were walking into the home that we feel in love with.  It wasn't everything we wanted but 85%.  With a great price, area, and Momma happy we worked on making a deal.

Saturday we decided we wanted the house and had the entire family come look and confirm that it was a good purchase.  We were sold and all we had to do now was put our home in Murphy on the market. We met with our Drees sales rep and she recommended a realtor.  So Monday morning we met with her and decided to put our house on the market for $250K.  Reminder, we paid $182K for the house in 2005.  It was a reach but we knew that if it was meant to be then it would all work out.  Realtor told us we needed to take pictures (which we had worked hard on the house all weekend expecting to put in the house on the market that week).  Her sign went in the yard and the house was to go on the market Thursday (Dec. 11th).  Monday after our initial meeting the realtor that morning, she called us that afternoon asking if she could show the house.  I had seen a gentleman driving by all afternoon and he wanted to see the house.  What?????  The house hadn't even hit the market yet.  Of course, I said yes and the house was being shown at 4:30p.  By 5:30p we had a cash offer on the house.  It was a little below our asking price but it was cash $$$, self inspection, no realtor fees, no one year warranty cost.  The offer couldn't have been better.  We were pumped.  Once they verified he had the funds, it was a go on our end to secure the home in Prosper with Drees.  

The offer was accepted at Drees.  We closed on our home in Murphy the morning of December 22nd and closed on the Prosper home the afternoon of December 22nd.  We sold our home and moved into our new home all within 22 days.  Not bad.  God held our hands throughout the entire process and saw it through.  We couldn't have designed the experience any better.  We are so, so happy and feel like we have made a life changing decision that will benefit our family so much in the end.

 New home in the snow - February 2015

iPhone Dump

I promise after this iPhone dump I'm going to have themed titles and get back on track.  This whole moving things, etc. has my time elsewhere.

 Perry Wallace, aka PaPa (Jordan's grandfather and the girls' great grandfather) turned 93 on January 2nd.  We had a little gathering at their home.  What a sweet, patient, Christian man.  Happy Birthday Papa!!  We love you!
 Bribe for shopping with mom
 Just because she's so darn cute
 Getting myself ready for the day with Mom's makeup.  She's one very independent little girl that will always find a way to get what she wants.
 Did you know that PBS app taught Addison what these mean?  Really?  Not ready for this yet.

 I pray that they will be best friends forever

 More bribery for shopping with mom.  I have truly enjoyed getting to spend one on one time with her while Addison is in school.  She is always full of laughter and fun-loving.
 My brother will kill me of this and William will kill me when he gets older.

Loves to dress herself for the day.  Momma picks her battles when we're staying at the house most of the day.