Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lufkin, TX Christmas 2013

In order for us to celebrate Christmas with Mimi and Banky (Jordan's grandparents), we have to now go to Lufkin to see them.  Fortunately the girls were used to an assisted living facility with going to see Nana in the past, so they acted like they knew exactly what to do.  

Katie and I put together a photo book for Mimi and Banky to look at for their Christmas gift.  They loved see all the new and old pictures.
 Landry took to a liking to Banky and showing him all her toys that she got for Christmas.  I can only hope that this moment made his heart smile and made his days that much brighter.

Griffin Christmas 2013

 Once Santa gifts were open, we headed to Gingy and Coach's house to celebrate Christmas with the Griffin family.  The girls absolutely loved their gifts and getting to hang out with all their aunts and uncles and cousin.  The food filled out tummies and the laughter filled out hearts and souls.  You always know you're going to get some good laughs.  

 Doug (toy assembler), Addison, and Mikey
 Josh, Jessica, and Baby Ethan (any day now)

 Aunt Katie & Doug

Our Christmas 2013

Santa came and blessed our girls once again with what they had asked for, plus a little bit more.  Landry had gotten up twice during the night and didn't even notice that Santa had come during the night.  However, around 7:15 she did notice and let everyone it.  One by one everyone shared in the excitement of the gifts.  We didn't get any pictures of the girls with their gifts, only video.  I'm going to get better at this picture taking thing one day.

 Disney's, Frozen castle
 Landry's train

Howell Family Christmas 2013

Next it was on to MeeMee and Papa's Christmas.  All of the families from Dallas shuttle to New Boston and enjoy a day of watching kids just be kids.  I can still remember back while growing up helping my MeeMee and Nana get their decorations put up, cookies baked, and packages wrapped.  I will cherish the memories that I made during my childhood.  Our girls are so blessed to have so many grandparents and great grandparents in their lives.  Our family is one that I know if I ever need anything, they will drop everything and come running.  There is something to be said about that.  As society as a whole is changing and family dynamics changing, I know that my family holds strong and good and wholesome.  May God continue to bless our family in 2014 with good health, laughter, and love.

 MeeMee reading to the great grandchildren a Christmas story
 Aunt Deb's new bicycle for the beach house
 Great grandchildren
Bottom: Aaron, Addison, Landry
Middle: Blake, William, Cameron, Ivy
Top: Bryce 
 Of course, the baby is center of attention at every Christmas.   What joy it is to have a baby in the family again.  Ivy is such a good baby and Ryan and Maegan are doing so a good job.  
 Proud Nana
 Thanks to Papa, Ivy was entertained by all of the toys that sang songs.  She would smile and focus so hard every time they played.


While we were in New Boston for Christmas, Grandaddy wanted the girls to come out to the farm at Woodstock to ride the tractor, get in the hay, and just get dirty.  He says they need to smell the country and get dirty so the girls don't get too citified.  I have to say, I agree.  There's nothing better than getting dirty and just enjoying the outdoors, animals, and peace and quite.  It's good for the soul.

 Grandaddy made them a castle/tunnel in the hay

Christmas Ballet Performance

Sweet Addison.  We were so proud of her for performing at her MDO Christmas performance, and I just knew that she was going to do great for her ballet performance.  Well, her dad was right.  She stood there and crossed her arms and pouted the entire time.  We were welcomed into the dance studio and I had "the bunny" and she wanted it instead of dancing.  So after months of practicing and money down the drain, we saw nothing.  With that type of performance, Jordan was ready to pull her out of ballet and try something new (t-ball maybe).  Momma is standing strong and going to let her finish ballet, since we've already paid for the recital costume (not cheap, may I add) and she needs to finish what she starts.  So here's to better luck in June.  

You looked darling though

Best Christmas Ever

Our Christmas celebrations, started off as the "best Christmas ever" according to Addison.  My parents always go above and beyond for the kids and grand kids.  They are so generous and always get the perfect gifts (the ones on the list, plus more).  haha.  We enjoy good food and watching the kids open up their gifts and play.  
 These three - this will be the trio forever
 My brother and his family
 Addison was in one of her moods of not taking pictures again
Proud grandparents

Thank you MeeMaw and Grandaddy for sharing so much of your love and treating us to a great Christmas.  May we continue to make wonderful memories. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Santa's Helpers

I had helpers to help decorate the tree.  They were so excited.  Of course all the balls ended up around the bottom of the tree and a few sprinkled as far as the ladder would reach.  They were so proud.  I love watching the excitement in their faces.  Their smiles light up the room when they hear the word Christmas.  I want to cherish these moments and store them in my memory bank.  

Monday, December 16, 2013

Landry's 3rd Birthday Party

After having to wait a week to celebrate her birthday due to the ice storm, Landry had her 3rd birthday party.  She has been asking for  Buzz and Wood (Toy Story) party for two months.  She finally got her wish.  She was so excited and cloud nine.  The smiles on her face all day were priceless.  Thank you to all who came.  You made her day that much more special.


The girls absolutely adore Ivy.  Addison got to hold her and she grinned from ear to ear.

Murphy Christmas Tree Lighting 2013

The picture is proof - our little girls are growing up.  Last year we were screaming, yelling, crying.  Look at those grins this year.  Landry even told Santa Claus that she wanted Octonauts for Christmas.  It makes my heart smile but brings a tear to my eye.  

Christmas All Around

Our little girl is growing up.  Addison had her annual Christmas program for MDO and did awesome.  She smiled and sang just right.  She was the most beautiful angel.  We are so proud of her.  What a difference a year makes.  To hear your child sing about the birth of Jesus and to know that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus is what life is all about.  

 Little sister could not wait to see Baby Jesus
 Shepherd, angels, and wise men
We were so blessed to have grandparents and great grandparents there to watch.  

Burrr….It's Cold Outside

We had our first ice storm, and it wasn't even after the first of the year.  Too bad it was all ice and no snow.  Roads were horrible, schools closed for days, and a lot of people went without electricity for days.  

The worst part we endured was cabin fever, which we are very grateful for.