Monday, November 24, 2014


 To celebrate the 50th day of school, Kindergarten dressed up in 50s clothes.  When I say that her school has a theme for everything or activity for everything, I truly mean it.  There is always something to do or get involved in.  Personal bias, but doesn't she just look too darn cute?  This this sweet, smiley little girl.

 One Friday Landry and I got the pleasure to watch this little guy.  Ethan, our nephew is 11 months old and just a loving child.  He's laid back and will go to anybody.  
The girls had their last soccer game/tournament and it was the weekend that a blizzard came through Texas.  It's never this cold this early in the year.  It was crazy how bad the wind.  All the girls hung in there and played their little hearts out.  She had a great little team and loved every minute of it.  She has improved and really enjoys playing the game.  She is signed up to play with a lot of the same teammates this winter (indoors thank goodness).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mexico: Rosewood Myakoba

My husband makes me proud every day.  He works hard and goes out there and provides for his family.  The girls and I could not ask for a better man to run our house.  God has blessed us and we are very grateful.  Hard work does pay off, and Jordan and I got to enjoy the benefits.  He won a contest that allowed us to go to Playa del Carmen - Rosewood Myakoba.  What a treat.  The resort was beautiful and so relaxing.  We ate, drank, slept, fellowshipped, and enjoyed each others company.


Where did October go?  It flew by and I know November and December will only be faster.  I love this time of year, because there is excitement in the air.  With Halloween and colder weather, everyone starts to enjoy the holidays and spending time with friends and family.

 Landry had her Pumpkin Patch Day at MDO.  The kids were so excited and so darn cute.  Too bad her teacher called me around 11:00 to come pick her up because she was sick.  That afternoon we found out she had strep.  Never a dull moment with the cooler weather.

 My little shoppers
 Annual face painting at the State Fair of Texas.  Their daddy is smart about saving money, but when his little girls want to get their face painted he'll pay whatever.  All the girls talk about when it comes to the fair is getting their faces painted.  

 One of Landry's little friends had her 4th birthday party.  Guess what the theme was?  Frozen.  The girls could not take their eyes off of Elsa.  She had their attention from the moment she got there.  They just couldn't understand how she got to the house.

 Halloween 2014 - Elsa from Frozen

 Daddy was a good sport and went as a referee
 Gingy and Coach were able to come over
This is Landry on our way home from New Boston.  Landry and I went to New Boston to help my parents move into their new home.  I could have taken a nap too.  Hard work but worth the smiles on their faces while putting in new furniture.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

Proud & Blessed

As parents, I can still remember the days that I used to cry behind closed doors because the twos and threes were so hard.  Addison was hard headed (or so I thought) and knew how to test me.  Overall she was a good toddler but at the time, I thought I was going to loose it at times.

As time has passed and I watch my baby grow, I know that every minute as a parent disciplining or praising them is worth all the effort, tears, and hugs.  They are listening and watching, and it is our job as parents to be that example to them.  I pray and continue to pray that Addison will let God shine in her heart and that she may use that love to shine upon others around her.  She has such a sweet heart and kind spirit.  May she look back when she is older and know how proud her parents are of her during this time in her life.  We love her to the moon and back and are biased but think she's one special little girl.  We love you Addison Lea Griffin!!  May God continue to bless you and you seek Him in all that you do.

 Kindergarten Musical Program
 I have video but they're too large to download, so pictures will have to do.
Miss Addison received the "Sunshine Award" at school today.  A student from each grade is chosen once a week and recognized at their Friday assembly.  The Sunshine Award is "a smiling face who brightens up everyone's day.  She was so excited to get this award.  Her teacher called us the day before and so Jordan, Landry and myself were there to see it.  She had no idea she was getting it.  This day will be carved in her brain for years.  We are so blessed to belong to such a wonderful school and surrounded by great teachers, parents, and students.

Frog Huntin'

When you go to the country, you just know to wear old clothes and get ready to get dirty.  As MeeMaw and Grandaddy are building their dream home, the kids decided to go frog huntin' around the pond behind the house.  There were baby frogs everywhere and the kids loved it.

The picture isn't very good, but if you look hard enough you'll see a small black cat between Addison and Landry.  This is Grandaddy's new cat at the Simms place.  Laptop is her name.  The names given by my dad to animals seem to have a theme - technology.  I believe these girls would bring her home if Buddy and their daddy would let them.  As of now, we will visit Laptop.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


There are times when life gets busy and you know you need to catch up on the your blog, because it will be Christmas before you know it.  The goal of this blog is to keep family updated and to print out at the end of the year for our family scrapbook.  The scrapbook won't be very full if I don't keep up, therefore September is going to be rolled in to one big post.  

Addison's "Catnic" at school.  They had been reading Pete the Cat, so they had a picnic and made a cat.  It was so cute.

Great friends

Tiger Tracks
Landry's first soccer game
Before and After the game
Selfie at the carpool one

Lunch with Addison at school
 Cold soccer game

I think she plays the entire game with a smile on her face.  I love sweet smile.  Now if I can just make her aggressive.

Flowers just because from my MeeMee and Papa
Plano Balloon Festival
Love, Love, Love Him

Worn out from a long trip to Lufkin for Banky's Memorial Service
Sweet Couple
Landry's Buddy
Ivy's 1st Birthday Party
How about that face?  LOL
Her Nana loves this girl more than she'll ever know
Lunch with MeeMaw at school.  She was grinning from ear to ear the entire lunch.
Addison counted to 100 at school and got a medal on the board and to take home.  One happy camper.
Donuts with Dad at MDO
Buddy's selfie at carpool line
Addison on the smart board at school.  I love that her teacher post pictures for all the parents to see throughout the week.
Big sister scored her first goal.  With her little team, that's a huge deal.  I was one proud momma.  She dribbled it out of a group of girls on the other end of the field and dribbled it all the way down the field and scored without anyone taking it away from her.