Friday, May 23, 2014

Addison: Pre-K Graduation


We are so proud of you.  You have grown spiritually, intellectually, and socially while attending MDO at Shepherds Kids.  You have become a confident little girl that loves to learn and make others happy.  You are a caring and kind hearted soul.  Your little brain is like a sponge.  You see something and you remember it (like your daddy).  Your passion for learning is so neat to watch.

What a great year you had in Pre-K.  You are set for what kindergarten has in store for you.  You know at least 26 sight words, can count to at least 30, know all your letters and numbers, can write your name, learning your states, love science experiments, learning to read.  

We love you so much and so thankful for the sweet little girl you have become.  We pray that God will continue to bless you and you grow in your relationship with Him.   Always know that God loves you and with Him by your side you can conquer anything.  We are always there for you and will love you unconditionally.

Disclaimer: picture overload

 second from the right

 Mrs. Gwen
Addison was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up and what her favorite thing to do at recess:

"I want to be a mommy, because my mommy is so great.  I like to ride the seesaw."  Tears started to flow.

 Addison's teacher, Mrs. Staci said if she could have this group every year as her class she would.  She said they were a great group of kids and got along very well.

 Addison & Lakyn

 Grandaddy & MeeMaw
 Gingy & Coach
 MeeMee & Papa
 Uncle Doug & Aunt Katie

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

 Blessed beyond measure.  Mother's Day weekend was perfect.  The hubby started the weekend off with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Then Saturday, he let me sleep in till 9:15a (don't remember the last time that happened when kids were at the house).  Enjoyed a quiet day Saturday.  Sunday we woke up and went to breakfast and then I got to take a nap when we got back home.  Oh the little things in life like naps.  Things like that can be good for everyone in the family.  

Now that I'm working from home I watch our girls grow and learn daily.  I am able to see so much more of who they are and why they think the way they do.  I understand that so much of what they see and hear molds them.  Their little eyes and ears are open all the time.  I know that God has blessed me as their mommy and I am an example to them.  I may not be the best mommy every day but I always want them to know that we love them with all that we have and that they are a child of God and know His love for them.