Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Will It End?

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready for my household to get well.  I feel like someone in the house has been sick since every week since September 2011.  I have contemplated having our house totally disinfected by professionals.  As soon as on of the girls gets well the other gets sick and vice versa with Jordan and me.  Addison had strep again and Landry had a double ear infection last week.

Jordan and I are leaving for Vegas tomorrow and he woke up this morning throwing up.  Yipee!!!  Now he's in bed trying to rest enough to have strength for our trip tomorrow.  Come hell or high water, we are getting on that plane.  We need some time to just be a couple and no kiddos.  We love them and all, but we believe you've got to give attention to your marriage too.  I pray that while we are gone the girls stay healthy for MeeMaw. 

Addison had just gotten back from the doctor and needed her stethoscope.  
Doing what Landry loves best - reading books.  She will literally sit there for 30 minutes and let you read to her.  
Poor baby - look at that face and eyes.  Sickly.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dance Party

Our girls love to dance.  I don't' know how much rhythm either one of them will have, but they're going to dance like no ones watching.  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I didn't know how to title this post, because the stories for these pictures are so different.

Every night the girls take a bath together.  This is the sequence of now the bath takes place:
  • Landry gets in first, because she hears the water running and runs to the bathtub.  Addison runs away and hides.  We can no longer turn our backs on Landry in the bathtub, because she has started pulling the shower pulley and turning the water all the way over to hot.
  • Addison finally comes in and joins Landry
  • Addison insists that Landry gets bathed first and then it's on to Addison (sometimes she baths herself, which I love and finish it off)
  • Landry immediately wants to get out of the bathtub while I'm finishing bathing Addison.  She literally will crawl (flip)  of the bathtub.  I quickly dry her off and she's off the races.  I'm pretty sure that babies are most happy when they are butt naked running around.  She doesn't get to run around too long, because I will not have pee pee on the floor.
  • 5 minutes later Addison decides she wants to join Landry and run around naked.
  • The total process takes about 20 minutes.  I'm the one that always baths them and I am so glad that that has been something that I do.  That time with my girls is so fun and just a time for us to have girl time and give Jordan some quiet time.

Landry is truly our little monkey.  She is everywhere and has no fear.  If she falls she'll cry for a little bit and hear us tell her she's okay and she's off to try it again.  She loves to get on top of their table.  It's always a hoot to watch her try and get down.  She's learned that slower is better.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MeeMaw Valentines

My mom brought my nephew, William in for the weekend.  What a blast the girls had with him.  She also gave them their Valentines.  Addison was so pumped about the M&Ms and Landry absolutely loves her Elmo dvd.  We have watched every day.  It's so funny to see how each of our girls gravitates towards different cartoons.  

Minnie Mouse DVD
Already licking her lips for the M&Ms
The infamous Elmo DVD

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Dinner

Jordan and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day with each other.  My birthday is 5 days later, and we feel like we should celebrate year round.  I did however tell him that I wasn't going to cook.  So we searched through our stack of coupons and Sonic was the winner.

Candlelight dinner - Addison thought she was supposed to blow it out like a birthday candle
Cookies made by Gingy and Addison.  Addison was so proud that she helped make them.  As soon as I walked in the door from work she explained the entire process.  She would ask for a cookie and just eat the icing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Growing Up Before Our Eyes

What a joy she brings to our heart!  Her smile is contagious and her free spirit is freeing.  We love you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Landry's 1st Ponytail

I finally put Landry's hair up in her first ponytail.  I think I could have done this earlier, but I just haven't for some reason or another.  Ponytails make little girls look so much older to me so maybe that's why I've been hesitant to do it.  We're definitely going to have to do it more often, because her hair is constantly in her face.  I know everyone wants me to cut her some bangs but I'm growing them out so we don't have to go through all of that when she won't let me be in control of her hair.  A mom only has so many years to do whatever she wants to her little girl's hair and clothes (don't get me wrong I will have a say so in what she wears - classy always) so I'm going to be in control for now.

Landry observing her new ponytail 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Party Gifts

This is what Addison and Landry are giving their friends at their MDO Valentine's Party.  I got the idea off of Pinterest.  It's cheap and easy - my kind of project.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This girl loves her some karaoke.  Addison got a karaoke machine for Christmas, but Landry loves to hear herself sing.  She hasn't quite figured out the concept of not eating the microphone.  Who knows, maybe she'll be the one in our family that can actually sing.  

change songs