Monday, August 29, 2011

Things they say...

Addison is full of words these days.  Her vocabulary grows every day.  There are some days that she says things we didn't even know she knew of.

Oh my gosh or oh my goodness

Bicep, Tricep, Deltoid

Ayudame (help in spanish)

Conversation with Addison:
A: Sister go in trash
Me: Sister in trash?
A: Yes, Sister in trash
Me: Why
A: She go bye bye

Addison got in trouble the other day because she was standing up in the chair at the dinner table.  Jordan told her to go to her room.  Of course, our super sensitive child cries all the way into her room and says "Dadda, Dadda."  After a few minutes Jordan tells her she can come out now.  She goes and sits in his lap and here's how the conversation goes:

Jordan: Why did you get in trouble?
Addison: Because
Jordan: Because Why?
Addison: Because Daddy's mad.
Jordan: Why is Daddy mad?
Addison: Because I won't sit down.

Now we know for sure that she totally understands what's going on.  I think it's cute that she says because, mommy or daddy are mad first.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Just a few random pictures to capture her growing up.
The little clip in her hair makes me smile.  I love how cute she looks.  It's nice having a girl that has hair.

Here I go.  I'm off.

Loves to clap for herself

I think my parents have this same picture of me.  She got this look from her momma.

What do you want now?

Monday, August 22, 2011

How Did Our Grandparents Do It?

Go WITHOUT air conditioning that is.  This past weekend we packed up the car and went to go spend time with my family.  We had a blast and I will get pictures up on the blog from the weekend as soon as I get some a/c in our house.

We got back last night and unpacked the bags, got dinner eaten, and everyone started to settle down.  Then it happened.....the realization that our home was warming up little by little.  I told Jordan to go turn the air down and so he did.  A little bit later I asked him to turn it down again, because it was still hot.  That's when he told me he thought something was wrong with our air conditioning.  What?  It was 109 degress outside and we had two little girls that could not stay in a hot house.

Jordan starting making phone calls and of course no one is in a rush to come fix your air conditioning at 7:30p on a Sunday night.  Jordan thought for sure someone would be able to fix it last night, but it was getting really warm so I packed all of our bags back up just in case we needed to go somewhere for the night.  In the meantime, the girls and I went over to Target to kill some time until I got the final red light that the a/c would not be fixed tonight and we would be spending the night at Jordan's parents.  

It was an interesting evening.  Landry has never slept at Jordan's parents house overnight (which she was the easy one) and Addison only a few times.  The girls got to bed a lot later than normal.  Landry slept with us in a pac n play.  I woke up every time she moved and she started coughing around 3:00a.  Addison slept in a totally different room by Jordan's parents room.  She was uneasy about sleeping in there by herself.   Can't blame her - it's dark, unfamiliar, etc.  Alyson said she woke up at 2:00a just screaming scared to death.  So Alyson went and slept with her.  Thanks Gingy!!!  

I got up this morning and out of the house before anyone was even up.  Jordan calls me to inform me that it was a "very interesting" morning.  Landry woke up in a half way descent mood, but Addison on the other hand was no happy at all.  

Our family does very well with routine and familiarity and when you take us out of our comfort zone, we get kind of uneasy (especially Jordan and Addison - one in the same).  It's time like these that we are grateful for our family and friends, however I realize that our children feel safe and comfortable in our home.  That makes me smile and proud.  I know that we are our children's comforters and stability and that makes me even more proud.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pretzel Time

Landry tried a pretzel for the first time.  She didn't want to wait for me to break it up, so she put the whole thing in her mouth.  She soon figured out that that wasn't going to work.

"Help Momma.  It doesn't fit."

Friday, August 12, 2011

From Beginning to End

Addison's last day of Mother's Day Out is today.  She started in August of 2010 and now she completes a full year of MDO today.  They are having a carnival day with cotton candy, snow cones, etc.  She is so excited.  We have been talking about it the last few days and she smiles so big.

What a year.  Our little girl has changed so much.  Her first day at MDO she cried and cried.  This was kind of the theme for the first few months.  I knew she wasn't very good with others, so I knew that we had to get her into socializing more.  We'd have to go through some pain before the results would come, but they have come.

I spoke with her teacher, Mrs. Theresa the other day about how much she has changed.  Her teacher had such sweet things to say about her.  We discussed how she used to hate coming and now she's the one that participates the most and how Theresa loves to have her in class.  She knows her ABCs, numbers, songs.  I am so thankful that her teacher took her under her wing and has helped her blossom into the little girl that she is.  We talk about school a lot with Addison and she loves to name her "friends" in her class.

We're looking forward to starting the 2011-2012 MDO for both Addison and Landry on August 29th (I know Gingy is too).  Just for fun, I put some pictures of Addison before her first day of MDO last year and one from this morning.

Pool Time

Addison has been loving her Aunt Katie this summer.  With Katie being a teacher, she's been able to spend  a lot of time.  This could not make Jordan and I happier.  It's such a blessing that the girls get to spend quality time with family and be super comfortable around them.

Most of the time that Addison spends with Katie is in the pool, so she's blossomed with loving the water.  She'll jump off the side now by herself.  We'll have to do swimming lessons next summer.  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Landry: 8 Months

  • Pulling up
  • Crawling anywhere and everywhere
  • Has said Momma and Dada
  • Eats and eats: cheerios, gold fish, stage 3 baby foods, formula, will try anything
  • Size 12 month clothes, 4 diapers
  • Puts herself to sleep for naps and bedtime
  • Goes to bed by 8:15p
  • Wants to get her hands on everything that Addison has
  • Starting Mothers Day Out on August 29th for the first time
  • Trying to do the sippy cup but still just mainly chews on it
  • Understanding when you leave the room and by herself, doesn't want to be left alone
  • Getting frustrated when you take something away - spoon, toy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Every girl needs her chocolate

Chocolate is the key to every girls heart, and Landry is no exception.  She was given a M&M, chocolate chip cookie and loved it - pictures are proof.

Addison: 28 months

Eating sushi for the first time

  • Loves to dance/gallop
  • Things she says:
    • thank you momma, thank you
    • giraff poo poo
    • I'll ask her why did you do that and her response is "because"
  • Potty trained except for at night time
  • Favorite foods: chips, guacamole, milk, strawberries, candy (still not a very good eater)
  • Watches Bubble Guppies, Jack and the Never Land Pirates
  • Size 6-7 shoes
  • Starting to play more with Landry
  • Loves to watch the movie Cars in her bed
  • Watches garbage truck every Thursday when it picks up trash
  • Loves to watch youtube videos of tractors, garbage trucks, and firetrucks
  • Tells you Love You back


Jordan and I took off work to take this little girl to the circus.  The circus was all about Addison that day.  She really enjoyed it.  I thinks she enjoyed the attention from both us the most though.  It's rare that she gets one on one time from both of us these days.  I'm going to try and do better at it.

Can you tell she's excited?

Before the circus actually started, they let you go down to the floor and see various people/animals that were going to be in the circus.  Addison is not a fan of men on stilts.
Addison participated in dancing with all the other little kids on the floor
Look at that face
I wanted cotton candy and of course you had to buy the hat to get the cotton candy ($12).  Addison would not let go of the cotton candy or the hat for the next 24 hours.  I'm so glad we brought snacks and juice boxes in the purse, because we could have spent way too much money on food, drinks, memorabilia.  
Look at Jordan's face...intense
Worn out, but still holding on to the cotton candy and hat

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our little girl is crawling EVERYWHERE!  She goes where she wants, when she wants.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Splish, Splash

As promised, here is the video of the girls taking a bath.  Landry literally splashes like this every night, and I crack up laughing every time.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Griffin Grandparent Visit

Jordan's grandparents came in for a quick visit a few weekends ago, but I'm just now getting pictures off of our camera.  It took forever to get pictures up and I don't have very many - at all.  The girls had a great time with their Mimi, Banky, and Uncle Sam.  They brought the girls two babies that are life size.  Oh my gosh, they are huge.  They are actually bigger than Landry.  

Aunt Katie & Landry


About a year ago, Jordan and I decided that bath time was "momm's time" with the girls.  This gives me time to spend with the girls with no distractions and Jordan time to be quite.  There are times that I just sit and watch them play.  They have no idea that I'm watching but I'm soaking in their little personalities and those little memories.  I love "momma time."

Sometimes I think the bathtub is the only place that I can get a picture of the two girls together.  One day I'll be able to take a picture when they both have clothes on and we can all communicate, which would be another year.  

Bath time seems to be Landry's favorite.  I have a video of the two of them in the bath that I'll post soon. It's too cute.  

Love Landry's little rolls

Monday, August 1, 2011

Landry is Crawling/Pulling Up

Landry is crawling!  She started crawling last Friday.  Here's how Jordan told me she was crawling.  I was at work on Friday afternoon.  He had called and we were just having a regular ole conversation and before he let me go, he said I guess I should go ahead and tell you....Landry's crawling.  I wish he would have seen my face.  It lit up like a Christmas tree.

Our little girl is on the move.  I thought I had my hands full before but let the real test begin.  It saddens me to know that "my baby" is not a baby anymore.

Landry also started pulling up in the crib and standing up, so Jordan lowered the bed this weekend.  It's so cute to watch her in the monitor with those bitty eyes.  She looks at the monitor and studies it so hard.  It's like she knows we're looking at her, even though I know she's just looking at the green light.

On a side note - she has her first cold.  She's started having a runny nose, congestion, and sneezing yesterday.  I'd say that's pretty good to go 8 months without being sick.  We'll see if repeats itself a lot more once she starts MDO at the end of August.