Saturday, March 29, 2014

Florida: February 2014

Caution: there are a lot of photos on this post

Back in February we got to load up and head to Florida with Aunt Deb and the rest of the crew.  Deborah and Rene bought a house in WaterColor, so we tagged along.  We had the best time and the girls are spoiled and absolutely love Florida.  I think they have talked about it every day since we left.

First plane ride for both girls.  They got spoiled on their first time to fly - private.  It was good for them, because it wasn't so large and they could walk around and it was more laid back. 
The airport we landed at in Florida also had military helicopters doing training missions.  Awesome sight and makes you proud to be an American.
Aunt Deb and Ivy

Let me just preface these next few photos.  Maegan took them and they are priceless.  I cannot thank her enough for capturing our family during this trip.  My heart just swells when I see these pictures.

On our way back home.  Home, sweet home.
They were so worn out, they fell asleep 45 minutes into the flight.

Thanks Deb and Rene for a wonderful trip and a lot of memories.  We love you!

iPhone Dump

I have been horrible with the blog the last month.  Time is flying by around here.  I feel like we get up and it's go go go until it's time to lay my head on my pillow at night.  Oh and the fact that my phone says that storage is full and I cannot take any more pictures on my phone until I go by the Apple store to get the memory cleared from all the pics.  So here's some for now.

Addison is wishing for a bicycle for her 5th birthday
The girls love to go look at the kitties at PetsMart.  I don't think Jordan will ever let them get a cat.
My jogging partners
She's the only one that would brave the snow