Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girls Day

Last Friday, the girls and I had a Girls Day.  I had a few errands to run and they were troopers and loaded up and assisted me and touched every single thing at every single store.  We did manage to get in a good lunch a the Blue Goose.  The girls loved watching the tortillas being made and all the yummy beans, rice, cheese dip, etc.  It's day like these that you realize how fast they are growing up and all their little quirks.  It's hard to believe that Addison will be in kindergarten in another year.

I love these girls so much and feel blessed to be their mommy!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Was She Thinking?

As I have posted before, we are in the potty training process with Landry right now.  She has done really well and has caught on pretty fast for the most part.  I really think she'll be fully potty trained by 2 1/2, but she does some things sometimes that just baffle your mind.

She loves to go to the potty by herself and doesn't want help.  She does it ALL  on her own.  Well, we had an interesting day yesterday.  This might be too much information, but I have to document this.  Gingy said she did really well except going #2 in her pants twice yesterday.  What?  Really?

So last night we were outside talking to the neighbor on the front steps and she decides to walk around to the driveway and go into the garage.  She comes around the corner a few minutes later with no panties on.  Before the neighbor (a man) can see her rear end, I grab her and go put pants on her again and then we go back outside.  We talk to the neighbor a little bit more and I notice she's headed up the driveway again.  I knew the tv was on inside and many times she'll go inside and watch by herself.  I thought for sure that's what she was doing.  The next thing I know she comes around the corner again with no clothes on.  Of course, the neighbor sees her this time.  Seriously girl?  What's going on?

I run across the yard to pick her up and carry her inside and as I round the corner, she has gone #2 all over the driveway.  She has already stepped in it and touched it.  At this point I just grab her and laugh. What else do you do?  She acts like she's Buddy the dog.  We DO NOT go potty outside like the dog.  

What are we going to do with this girl?  I'm hoping this is a one time incident and I won't have to "document" something like this again.  Oh child of mine.  I love you!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Old Red Barn

When we went home for Easter, my dad told us that he was going to be tearing down an old barn that my Grandaddy built back in the 50s.  I can remember like it was yesterday riding in my Grandaddy's truck down the dirt road to get to the farm.  We would sit on the edge of our bench seat and wait to see who get see the farm first over the hill.  Once we got to the farm, he would get out of the truck and tell us just to go drive around and come back in a little while.  After about 30 minutes we would come back up to the barn where he would tell us we were driving to fast and to be more careful around the cows.  The old red barn is a staple to the farm, so I wanted to make sure we captured a few pictures of it while it was still standing.

The other thing Grandaddy wouldn't let us do is hang on the gates.  Oh how times have changed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Up Up and Away

This past weekend was very windy.  We spent a little bit of time outside at the Fairview outdoor mall and flying a kite.  While we were at Dillards we went up to the second floor.  When it was time to go we headed towards the escalator and I had both girls hands to take a step onto the escalator to descend to the first floor.  Little Miss Addison decided to get nervous and scared and let go of my hand.  So she stood at the top of the escalator while Landry and I headed down.  Talk about freak out.  Addison was freaking out.  We had to finish our ride down because this momma could not run back up towards the top with a 2 year old in my arms.  So while we were riding down and then having to walk around to get on the escalator that went up, Addison was screaming.  People were looking at us and wondering what the heck I had done to her.  We finally made it down but it was one of those moments that makes you a nervous wreck.

Little chilly
Dancin girl

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

MeeMee and Papa had a mini Easter egg hunt inside the house on Saturday evening.  Each great grandchild had their own color of eggs that they had to find (that way everyone got the same amount).  Afterwards, we had a great Easter dinner and roasted smores.  My favorite was the homemade coconut pie.  Nothing like some good ole home cookin.

Friday, April 5, 2013

He Has Risen

Easter morning started off with thunderstorms and rain.  What a blessing by God.  We needed it and He provided.  One more sign to us that He provides for us.  He offers His grace so that we may have eternal life and rein in heaven with Him forever.  What a glorious thought.  

I pray that these little ones to know the love of Jesus Christ and His grace.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Uncle Gray

These girls love their Uncle Gray.  Maybe he'll move back from weird Austin one day, so we can see him more often.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy 30th Jordan

Happy 30th Birthday
(March 7th)

My husband and the father of our little girls is one person in my life that I know God put into my life at the right time, because I am constantly reminded in various ways as to why he ours.  I could not think of a kinder, more loving, caring, funny, money conscious (had to put that in there), selfless person.

Brownies instead of cake

A few decorations around the house to celebrate

We did do more than just brownies but I forgot to take pictures.  He got a lot of little things and a birthday dinner.  We love you so much and look forward to many more years to come.

Monday, April 1, 2013