Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Times

 Good fish fry with good neighbors
 These girls will be trouble when they are 16

 Future lifeguards
 Never too big for Coach's lap
 What'd you say Uncle Doug?
 Morning Sunshine
 Our view at night

 Inside Out - A/C Entertainment
 7 baby bunnies in our backyard before the turf was installed
Happy 4th of July - Thanks babe for the beautiful flowers
 What do you do when your lawn mower breaks??  Well if you're Jordan you decide to put turf in the backyard.  haha.  The HOA mows the front yard, so we are only responsible for the back.  Our backyard is not very big as you can see, so Jordan decided it best to replace the lawn mower with turf.  Momma just wanted some landscaping in the back.  So with our 10 year anniversary coming up we decided to bypass some exotic trip and put our money to use where we'd see if every day.  Since day one we have enjoyed it.  It was a great investment and would do it all over again.

Momma bunny was very confused with the turf

 Happy 10 Year Anniversary Baby!!!  We went to the WHotel downtown and Dirty Dancing Play.  The play was right up my alley.  Jordan definitely took one for the team.
 Sweet friends went with us

 4th of July at the pool

 I have loved this smile every day this summer.  Going to miss it once school starts.
 Our princesses
 Wallace Family Gathering - Papa Wallace & Claire
 Ethan & Addison
 Sometimes you just need to hang out in the bed and watch movies
 Summer Trip to New Boston
Only grandchildren can get away with sitting and putting their feet on the counter.  She loves her some Apple Cider.
 Smiley.  I love that they love their grandparents so much.  Family = Love = Laughter
 Traditional Summer Time Ice Cream making with MeeMee & Papa
 Country Life

 Water Park here we come

 They could watch him on the tractor all day.  After a while though they want to join him. 
 Game Night

 Finally bags for little ones
 Lake time with the sweet West family

 I think we've been at the pool 75% of the days of summer.  The girls have turned into little fish.  They dive for toys and there is not fear.  So proud.
Addison really wants to get a pet, but Momma and Daddy say no way.
New playground at the new school - Light Farms Elementary
Pretty neat - a train is behind the school.  I'm sure that kids will stop in their tracks when it comes by while they're at recess.
I could eat them up.  They may push my buttons and get on each other's nerves every day but they truly make me want to be a better mother, wife, and friend.  God is good.  Their smiles light up my heart.