Monday, December 6, 2010

Addison Meets Her Big Sister

As any parent that already has a child you wonder how they are going to react to a new sibling.  Jordan and I had discussed the process of how we were going to introduce Addison to Landry for weeks.  We spoke to many other parents that had gone through the same situation to get advice and a few of my doctors gave me some words of wisdom.

Since it was a little bit later in the day before we got Landry settled on Thursday, we decided to wait and bring Addison on Friday afternoon after she got done at MDO.  Jordan went and picked her up from MDO and brought her over the hospital.  The pictures I'll post will give a glimpse into how she reacted the first 20 minutes of so.  After that it went downhill. 

We decided that Jordan would bring her up to the room and we would have Landry in her bed instead of someone holding her.  That way she's not jealous as soon as she walks in the room.  That worked very well.  Addison told Landry hi over and over and over.  We have come a long way in the jealously department in just 3 days.  I will post updates of the relationship as it progresses.

Notice the look on her face - What has just happened?

Landry Belle Griffin

Our last picture as a family of 3
Thursday, Deceber 2, 2010 Jordan and I arrived at Presbyterian Hospital Dallas at 12:00p to begin the process of my scheduled c-section with Landry.  We got admitted and were scheduled for the surgery at 2:30p.  Everything was on schedule and then I was told that I shouldn't have eaten after 7:00a instead of 8:00a.  Well, since I was told 8:00a and ate at 7:30a they moved my surgery time to 3:00p.  I was glad that we were scheduled for Thursday instead of Friday because contractions had begun earlier in the day.

With everything in line I was wheeled into the OR and began the process of the c-section to deliver Miss Landry.  As the same as with Addison, I shivered the entire time thanks to the anesthesia.  The entire process was so much easier this time around.  It's amazing the difference.  Here are some pictures of the actual c-seciton.

 Here we go
 "I think she is 18 lbs of cheeks" - Dr Lutich
First Cry
Our sweet baby girl - Landry Belle
December 2, 2010 @ 3:36p
9 lbs 4 oz, 21 inches

Fortunately we were able to take Landry back to the recovery room after the c-section for about 30 minutes.  With Addison I didn't see her until about 3 hours after the c-section.  Once we were in our room, family was able to hold her and love on her.

And Landry makes 4
Uncle Gray
 Meemee & Papa Howell
 Proud MeeMaw & Grandaddy
 The Howell Girls
Gingy & Coach

The 1st of many

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Landry Belle has Arrived!!

Landry Belle was born Thursday, December 2 at 3:36p via c-section.  I will post her entire birth story soon, but for now here is a quick picture.

Landry Belle
December 2, 2010
9 lbs 4 oz, 21" 

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Countdown Begins

So the countdown begins.  We are set for the c-section on Thursday, December 2nd at 2:30p.  Yipee!  I am so excited and anxious at the same time.  I will do my best to get pictures posted to the blog asap!

Monday, November 22, 2010

37 Weeks

How Far Along: 37 Weeks
Size of baby: 7 lbs 13 oz as of 11/18 (we're looking at a 9 pounder - lol)
Weight Gain: happy to say just a little more than last time
Maternity Clothes: maternity clothes
Gender: GIRL! (Landry Belle)
Movement: During the middle of the night, around 2:00a is her favorite
What I miss: Being cold and being able to bend over without effort.  Playing with Addison in the floor with ease.
Sleep: Pretty good.  I get up maybe 1-2 times a night
Symptoms: Acid reflux (yuck)  
Exciting News: Next Thursday we get to meet Miss Landry!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Webb MS Baby Shower

Jordan's school, Webb Middle School had a shower for Landry yesterday.  His coworkers are so sweet.  Of course, Jordan had no idea what he was doing during the shower.  It was so cute.  The ladies did a great job.  There was all kinds of food, gifts, and decorations.  It's great to know that people that you work with care so much about your life beyond the classroom.  Thank you Webb!!!

 Addison joined in the festivities.  After the shower we went down to Jordan's classroom and she wanted to sit in a desk.  She loved the entire atmosphere - students, hallways, lockers,  the gym.  I hope she enjoys school later on in life as much as she did yesterday.  Doesn't she look so big?  Tears.

Love My Daddy

1st Haircut

Addison got her first haircut on Tuesday night.  It started off on the wrong foot.  She shut her finger in the door and it was downhill from there.  We just trimmed it up to get it to start growing and will go back in about 2 months to shape it up and give it more shape.  We don't have a duck tail anymore (Dad - haha).

Landry's Nursery

Here are a few shots of Landry's nursery.  I need to get some better ones, but here's a sneak peak.  We decided not to paint the walls.  The colors are brown and pink.  We reused Addison's bedding.  My grandmother made the curtains.  I bought a vinyl to put above her crib along with a rug.  Other than that we have stayed pretty simple but elegant.  Landry's room is smaller than Addison's but I think I'm going to like it - little more intimate.

Becoming A Big Girl - Addison's Twin Bed

I've been talking about how Addison now sleeps in a twin bed, so I thought I'd post some pictures of her twin bed and new room setup.  My great grandmother (Nana) moved into a more assisted living facility, so we got one of her twin beds.  They were a very interesting off white/yellow color, so I painted the bed and side table white.  I bought her bedding from Pottery Barn Teen and then kept all of her other room decor from when we did her nursery in there.  I also added a little white table where she colors, etc in her room (she loves to color when she's supposed to be napping).  She absolutely loves her room and loves to show everyone her new bed and would stay in there all day is we would stay in there with her.  She wants you to lay down in bed and watch TV with her.  I'll have to get a picture of her laid back on her pillows just chilling watching TV.

Tech Child

I always thought when I had kids that I wouldn't let them get too tech savvy too fast.  Well.....that has not been the case.  Addison loves anything to do with technology.  I don't think as parents we have too much choice.  There are toys, phones, etc. around us everywhere that make noise or deal with technology of some sort.

At the age of 18 months, Addison already has a phone, keys, and a laptop.  Of course the phone and keys are fake and now the laptop that she uses doesn't work anymore but still.  She knows how to stick the keys in the ignition and loves to talk on the phone.  She can open up our iPhones by sliding the screen arrow over.  What will she be using at age 16?

Pumpkin Carving

Since Addison was so young last year during Halloween, we didn't carve a pumpkin.  So this year was her first time to assist in the pumpkin carving.  She wasn't a big fan.  She doesn't like to get her hands dirty, and since pumpkin carving involves your hands it didn't last long.  She wasn't very interested, but curious as to what we were doing with the pumpkin.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching Up On Addison

Since I've had to change the web address for the blog (thanks blospot and hackers) I know a lot of you keep asking about Addison, so this post may be long but I'll try to get you caught up on what she's up to.

On October 23rd, Addison turned 18 months old.  Time has flown by.  I got teary eyed on that day when I realized that she's getting that much closer to two years old.  We went to her 18 month checkup about 3 weeks ago and here's her stats and little tid bits of what she's up to these days:

  • 23.1 lbs
  • Sleeps in her own twin bed, no more crib (Landry needed the crib)
  • Loves to play in her bed
  • Very independent/determined 
  • Says hi to everyone
  • Favorite TV shows: Mickey Mouse, Olivia, Martha
  • Loves to play outside
  • Food: cheetos (fav), cheddar chex, eats whatever we eat, no a big fruit eater still, doing much better with vegetables
  • Very organized and particular (like her Daddy)

Brushing her teeth at Meemaw & Grandaddy's

Don't get me wrong, Addison loves her Mommy but there is just something about her Daddy that makes her light up.  Her mood just hits a whole new level, which melts my heart.  She could just sit with him in the recliner forever and be just content as ever.  It's so funny, because if Jordan is watching a game she'll hand him the remote to change the channel to her show.  Needless to say, majority of the time she wins.

"I love my sunglasses"
She will wear these all day long if she thinks she's going outside or is outside

To support Maegan and others with breast cancer, a group from Toyota of Lewisville, Honda Cars of Katy, and Ryan's family walked in the Komen Dallas Race for the Cure on October 16th.  We had a great group of people and we are so glad to be able to support such a great cause.  We love you Maegan.  Continue to "Fight Like A Girl."
Howell Family
Cousin Ryan, Addison, and me
Whew - it was early

Not exactly sure when these were taken, but Addison was at my parents' house not too long ago.  She loves to drive anything and everything.  She'll just sit in our cars and act like she's driving.  She knows how to put the key in the ignition and would probably start it if we would let her.  She says tractor all the time - I'm sure my parents are pleased.

Addison, Grandaddy, William

Getting to ride in the big tractor