Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tuesday, Nov. 1:

Landry had a temperature, so Jordan took her to the doctor to find out that she has strep.  At that time we opted to give her omnicef/cepholosporan just in case Addison got strep later on (Addison is allergic to penicillin) we could use it for her too.

Thursday, Nov. 3:

Landry has a rash on her body (looks like ant bites) and still not feeling good.  Decide to take her back to the doctor to make sure she's not allergic to omnicef.  Doctor says she's allergic to omnicef and gave her a penicillin shot (not allergic).

Addison running 101.5 temperature.  Doctor said she has strep, so she'll take the omnicef that Landry was using earlier in the week.

This should be a fun next few days.  Prayers are appreciated.  This is the 2nd time for both girls in a month to have strep.  I'm ready to get them well.

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