Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cousin Love

The cousins enjoyed each others company a couple of weeks ago.  There's only a total of 3 of them (my brother's boy and our two girls), so everyone gets a lot of attention.  My mom brought him in Friday and we had tons of fun.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures (we used my mom's camera the majority of the time).  

We started the adventures Saturday morning at the Wild Cats exhibit in Wylie.  I think William really liked it.  Then later in the day we were supposed to go swimming, but it rained and rained.  We ended up playing in the house and taking naps.  Later that evening we all loaded up and went to eat at On The Border.  We rarely go out to eat, just easier at their ages to get take out, so the girls were loving it.  Once we got back from eating it had stopped raining.  Jordan decided to load up William and Addison to go swimming.

Sunday was full of time outside and swimming.  William is a fish.  He loves the water and is very good at it for his age (almost 6).  I wish he lived a little bit closer so we could have him over more.  Addison adores him.

The only boys in the house

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