Friday, June 14, 2013

Addison 4 Year Checkup

Where has the time gone?  Our first born turned 4 on April 23rd.  I can still remember taking her home from the hospital giving myself a pep talk telling myself that I could do this.  God entrusted me with her and I was going to do my best.  I know at times I have not been my best, but overall I think she's turning out to be one heck of a sweet, fun-loving, conservative, type A little girl.

Easter 2009 (1 month old)

4 year old

  • 32 pounds (25%)
  • controls the room, wanting attention
  • wants approval and recognition (especially from Daddy)
  • loves chocolate milk, hamburgers
  • enjoys playing with little sister
  • great imagination
  • better at swimming
  • learning how to catch/throw, will be a good athlete if she'll learn to listen to instructions
  • still sleeps with bunny
  • doesn't like tags on any piece of clothing
  • very good at riding her scooter
  • favorite movie: Toy Story 3, IceAge
  • starting to play dress up more
  • favorite song: If You Wanna Play In Texas (Alabama)

Before her 4 year checkup I told her that she wouldn't have to have shots, well Mommy was wrong.  Two shots later, she was not very happy with me.

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