Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back Porch

For some reason, I think it's because Jordan wants to put a TV outside on the back porch but he gave the thumbs up to get some "nice" outdoor furniture.  As soon as he said go, this girl ran and ran fast to the internet on the search for furniture.  Outdoor furniture is on sale right now but a lot of it is starting to be out of stock due to the time of year.  I knew I needed to find something quick and I knew pretty much what I wanted.  I wanted rockers.  I grew up around rockers at my great grandparents house and that was a must.  I could sit and rock all day.  I found the set below at Target and love them.  I have been out there every night rocking away while the girls play.  I'm still waiting on the love seat to come in the mail.

Friday night after the girls went to bed, I snuck out on the porch and had a glass of wine.  Oh how I needed it.
Saturday afternoon Jordan and I hung up curtains for the west side of the house.  The sun come in the evening and this will allow us to sit outside any time of the day with the two fans under the pergola and not sweat in the Texas heat.  

Thank you Jordan for putting a big smile on my face.  I know once we get a tv and speakers installed your smile will be complete.  I love you and like you say, "now we're liven."   

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