Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ballet Friendships

Since I've been able to work from home I have been able to watch Addison grow and develop friendships that are priceless.  Addison takes ballet every Wednesday.  She loves going and most importantly she enjoys her friends.  I, myself am enjoying making new friendships with mommies that stay home and that we can have playmates with throughout the week.

Two weeks ago, Addison had her ballet pictures so we were able to do a run through of costume, makeup, hair, etc. for the recital on June 1.  Let's just say this momma is not known for her hair skills, but with a few secrets from veteran ballet moms we were able to conquer the bun.  Who knew there were so many secrets to making a bun look so tight and perfect.  Then of course there is the makeup.  Daddy was not so thrilled about his one, but I convinced him that it would be okay and we would only be doing it for pictures and recital.

Oh my, how she has grown up.  I feel like just the other day we were wanted her to talk and walk.  Now she's nonstop talking and walking.

What's even better than ballet class with friends?  A tea party/luncheon with your friends after ballet.  It was so cute.  They just giggled and giggled.  

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