Thursday, May 1, 2014

Princess Tea Party

Months ago, Addison and I were discussing her 5th birthday party.  Normally we just do a little cake and food at the house with family but all of her friends were starting to have parties, so she was so excited when we came up with the idea of a tea party.  Momma was now on a mission to find a place and host a tea party for our 5 year old and all her little friends.  I found Into My Garden Tea Room in downtown Plano that was just perfect.

So months went back and Addison's excitement grew with each week.  The party week was upon us and she counted down each day.  It was the cutest thing.  She received her requested dress for the princess tea party of Elsa from the Disney movie, Frozen.  She looked stunning and beautiful.  Tears come to my eyes as I look at these pictures.  Time has flown by and she has grown into such a sweet, loving, kind, rule following young girl.  

Addison has been so blessed to have meet such sweet friends from MDO and ballet.
Her face is priceless.  She was grinning ear to ear the entire party.
Each girl came dressed up in their princess costume.  Precious.
Each girl received a princess sandwich, fruit kabob, heart muffin, their own tea pot with tea (pink lemonade) and a tea cup.  The girls spent most of their time feeling grown up and pouring pink tea the entire party.

Look at her little pinky.  She showed us how to properly drink tea.

Her face while they sang happy birthday.

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