Monday, June 2, 2014

Girls in New Boston

Jordan and I went to Boston for a long weekend this past weekend and the girls went to New Boston to enjoy grandparents and the country air.

My parents are building a new house right now so there is plenty for the girls to play on and with.  Addison is so excited because they'll have a place for her to ride her scooter.

Jordan is currently working with Addison on her states (he put a map on her ceiling above her bed).  They review one almost every night.  Her goal is to go to as many states as she can.  With my parents only being minutes away from Arkansas, my parents took her to check Arkansas off her list.
My dad said the kids liked the state of Texas much more than the Arkansas sign.

One day the girls spent it with their great grandparents, MeeMee and Papa.  MeeMee and Papa always seem to have some kind of animal or something interesting for the girls to discover.  This time, a baby deer was hanging around their house for a few days.  The girls didn't get to pet it but they were able to watch it run and around in the backyard.  Crazy stat - my mom used to have a pet deer growing up.
What's a trip to the country without making homemade ice cream?

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