Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Landry 4th Birthday

Our baby girl turned 4 on December 2nd.  Why does 4 seem so much older than 3?  If time slowed down I'd be okay with that.  Our girls are at the perfect age.  They are tons of fun and are overall good kids.  At age 4 Landry is/does:

Loves to wear her Crocs and purple dress (it's a fight to make her wear something different)
Laughs at her own jokes
Kind hearted
Loves her sister
Never meets a stranger
Great imagination 
Loves to snuggle and get her back rubbed
Likes being outside
Enjoys being at "her" house
Likes sweets (sorry, you got it from me)

Jonah, the Elf started off her morning
Shepherd's Kids B Day celebration

Since we don't do big birthdays until they are 5, we took her and Addison to the bounce houses for a few hours to let her celebrate.

Black light

Landry, we pray that you will continue to grow and be a healthy, happy little girl.  We pray that you will learn to know about Jesus' love for you and for you to have a strong loving relationship with him.  You make us smile every day and we love you more than you will ever know.  Always  know that we are here for you.  May you continue to bring sunshine into our hearts every day.  We love you.

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