Saturday, February 28, 2015

iPhone Dump

I promise after this iPhone dump I'm going to have themed titles and get back on track.  This whole moving things, etc. has my time elsewhere.

 Perry Wallace, aka PaPa (Jordan's grandfather and the girls' great grandfather) turned 93 on January 2nd.  We had a little gathering at their home.  What a sweet, patient, Christian man.  Happy Birthday Papa!!  We love you!
 Bribe for shopping with mom
 Just because she's so darn cute
 Getting myself ready for the day with Mom's makeup.  She's one very independent little girl that will always find a way to get what she wants.
 Did you know that PBS app taught Addison what these mean?  Really?  Not ready for this yet.

 I pray that they will be best friends forever

 More bribery for shopping with mom.  I have truly enjoyed getting to spend one on one time with her while Addison is in school.  She is always full of laughter and fun-loving.
 My brother will kill me of this and William will kill me when he gets older.

Loves to dress herself for the day.  Momma picks her battles when we're staying at the house most of the day.

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