Thursday, March 3, 2016

January & February

2016 has started off quickly and hasn't slowed down.  With that being said, I am finally posting about January and February in March.
 The good old sport of bowling.  Good family fun!
Maci, Addison, Landry, & Jax

 Danishes with Dads at Light Farms Elementary
 Happy Birthday Teresa!

 I'm pretty sure she would play all day if she didn't have errands to run with me.  She loves to play!
 5 year checkup - Pretty and healthy
 Landry, Aubree, and Addison
 What do the girls do when the boys go to a Mavericks game?  Get our nails done.
 TV shot from the Mavericks game.  My dad bought tickets for PawPaw and family.  The guys had a great time and ended up on TV, because their seats were right under the goal.  PawPaw got to see his San Antonio Spurs play.  He was on cloud nine.
 Getting away from the city and enjoying the quietness of the country.
 Range shooting with the family

 A little birthday surprise from the hubby.  I came into our bedroom and he had 34 balloons with note cards tied onto the bottom.  Each note card had an adjective or something to describe me.  It was truly the sweetest thing.  God blessed with a man beyond all my prayers and dreams!  I love you Jordan Griffin.
 New drapes for our master bedroom.  Love them!  
 My Walmart grocery shopper.  She finished up gymnastics every Monday and off to the grocery store we go.  She gets a happy meal and I get the weekly grocery shopping done.
 Light Farms Elementary monthly assembly
 Sweet girl was honored for her class this month.  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the young girl she has turned out to be.  A heart of gold.
 Surprise, MeeMaw came to see her get her award.

Landry's MDO teachers came to her gymnastics class.  In the gymnastics class there are two other little girls that are also in her MDO class.  They see each other four days a week and sometimes more at church.  Sweet girls and teachers. 

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