Monday, May 9, 2011

The Dress

Being the indecisive person I am sometimes, the week before the pictures I started second guessing Addison's dress for her 2nd birthday pictures.  I had put the dress on her the weekend before her pictures and wasn't satisfied.

With that, I was off to the races.  I researched online and went to many stores.  I went to Gap the day before the pictures and bought tons of clothes hoping that I would find an outfit for both girls.  I was stressing tremendously at this point.

I laid out all the clothes Friday night and said a little prayer that Addison would be a good girl and let me try on all the outfits I had picked out to find the winner.  To my surprise she was a trooper.  We had Martha on the TV and she just sat there and let me pull and tug on clothes for a good 20 minutes.

And the verdict is.....I stayed with my original idea of the red and turquoise dress.  Once I put a big red bow in her hair it made the outfit.  So after all that stress, I've learned my lesson - stay with my gut.

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