Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Program

Addison had her first Christmas program for her MDO.  We have been practicing for weeks on the songs.  The school sent a CD home with her so we could practice, and we spent many a nights singing while I cooked dinner and beyond.  This girl was ready to sing her little heart out and knew every song.  The ENTIRE family was there to watch her performance.  I warned them that it may not go as planned.

Well at least she didn't cry and run off stage. She mainly stood there in silence and looked around.  During the program the children were instructed to sit down between songs and be quiet.  Jordan happened to be standing up during one of the breaks in songs, and she yelled and "Daddy" and put her finger over her lips telling him to be quiet.  It was hilarious.  Oh little children and our little rule follower.  I have a feeling that Addison may not want to be the star of the show.  We love our little donkey.

Our little donkey

Landry was singing and clapping along

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