Friday, May 10, 2013

Mommy Time

Our girls love each other but there are times when they just need some time away from each other.  Jordan and I have decided that we need to spend time with each of them apart.  They love the attention and it's a good way for us to bond with them.  

So last weekend, I needed to run some errands and big sister got to assist me.  She was so excited.  This grin on her face didn't leave the entire afternoon.  We ran in to Dillards for a few minutes and I told her she could pick out some clothes.  She looked and looked and came up with a Hello Kitty purse.  Really?  She went to the counter like a big girl and paid for the purse and quickly asked "Can we go home?  I want to show my Daddy."  

Jordan's grandmother, Nina told me when we had Addison that my job was to help her to love her Daddy because a child would always love their mother.  I have to say, this little girl loves her daddy to pieces.  I have done my best to love her daddy but her daddy has done most of it on his own.  He loves his girls so much and they think he is coolest dad.

Thank you Addison for always being such a loving, caring little girl.  You have a heart of gold.  You get your Type A for your daddy mainly but some from me too.  You are our rule follower and people pleaser.  I have a big post for your 4th birthday that I will share a little more of your characteristics at 4. Love you!!!

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