Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day Program

I was invited by Addison and Landry to a Mother's Day Party at the MDO program they attend.  The theme was Western, so the girls dressed up that morning in their cowgirl hats (dollar tree hats hot glued to a head band to stay on their itty bitty heads) and I came later that afternoon with mine.  It was so cute.

As I walked in the door, one of Addison's teachers saw me and said "I'm so glad you came.  Addison kept saying all morning that you weren't coming because you had to work."  Well that about broke my heart and I knew that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  This smile tells it all.  She was proud that her mommy made it.

Landry's class did the prayer before we had lunch.  It was so cute.  That's her in the blue shirt in the middle.  Bad picture.
Compared to the Christmas program in December, Addison has come a long way.  You can't tell with the arms crossed, because she's telling me that I'm supposed to be sitting in my chair and not taking pictures.  I don't know if this girl will ever break the rules.  I know that will come in handy when she's 16, but now she just sounds bossy.  She sang every song and did the dance.  I was so proud.

Landry did not want to take a picture.  Isn't it always like this?  One smiles and the other one doesn't.  
I couldn't be more proud to be their mommy.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  God continues to bless our family.  He's so good.  The MDO program they attended has been great.  The girls have blossomed and grown so much (spiritually, knowledge, etc.).  Tears....

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