Friday, November 22, 2013


This signature right here changed my life.  

Sometimes we pray to God for years and wonder why he isn't answering our prayers.  Well wouldn't you know that He did answer my prayers years later.  On August 26, 2013 I would no longer get in my car every week day and drive 35-45 minutes to Lewisville.  Rene had decided to sell the dealership, and the job that I knew it for the past 9 years was over.  I made so many memories, friends, and life long lessons at Toyota of Lewisville.  I learned so much about people, myself, and just plain life in those 9 years.

Things changed.  I will now be working from home (sometimes elsewhere) for Rene and Deborah.  Yipee!!!!!  Addison starts Kindergarten next year and Landry has 2 years before she starts.  This will allow me to stay home with the girls and be a part of their daily lives. I will be able to watch them grow, learn, and just plain have fun with them.  God is good and I am so excited to be able to have this opportunity.  I emailed Rene the other night to tell him thanks for allowing me to see Addison's smile on her face when I told her I would be at her school's Thanksgiving luncheon.  She was so excited.  I want to cherish this opportunity and this moment in our family's lives.  For I am forever grateful to be able to do this, in part because Jordan works so hard and provides for us with is job.  Thank you to him for that.

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