Saturday, January 25, 2014

They Make My Heart Smile

I had a lot of random pictures on my phone, so I thought instead of having a post for every picture I decided just to put them all together.
 Who needs toys when you have a box?
 Using our gift cards from MeeMaw and Grandaddy at the nail salon
 One of the ladies braided Landry's hair.  This was key in her staying still for her nails to dry.
 Watching kids play in water puddles never gets old.

 The girls are really into playing dress up lately

 At Lowes picking out new things to help Daddy with in the yard
One day Jordan and the girls met me at a park while I was running.  On the way back, Landry decided she wanted to run back home with me.  She hung in there really well.  After about a quarter of a mile, I put her in the van.  My mins/mile definitely went up.  

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