Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love Him

The honey and I got a night out.  It feels like it's been forever.  We definitely enjoy it when we do get a chance.  The crazy thing is that we went to Capital Grille in Plano and as they were leading us to our seats they congratulated us on our anniversary (our anniversary is in July).  I thought okay, not sure what this is all about but I'll go with it.  Sometimes Jordan is silly like that and acts like it is.  We sat down to a decorated table and a red stem rose with champagne and a free dessert.  The night was perfect.  The thing is, he didn't call and I didn't call either to say that it was our anniversary.  We're pretty sure that we got sat at the wrong table.  

So after a few drinks before dinner at the Blue Martini and a wonderful dinner at Capital Grille we made our way home to do what you ask????  Sit on the couch and watch YouTube videos of old country songs and sing our hearts out.  Makes us feel young and old all at the same time.  

I feel more blessed with each year that I am married to his man.  He completes me in every way and makes me a better person.  He is unselfish and is constantly putting his family first.  May we continue to watch YouTube videos and sing our hearts out together as we get older.  I will always cherish my marriage and whom God chose for me. 

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