Thursday, July 17, 2014

MeeMaw's Weekend = House Shopping

 My parents are building their dream home so that means there are many trips to Dallas for my mom to decorate their home.  Most shopping days have been without the girls, which I have to say is a lot easier with adults only.  However last weekend Jordan went on a "hunting trip" so my mom came in town and us girls were on a mission to decorate their home.  The girls were actually really good for being so bored with shopping for furniture.  I can only imagine at their ages how boring it must have been, but with a toy promised at the end of the weekend that was patience to be had.  Thank God.  Don't get me wrong, there were definitely moments where they were testing my patience.

I am so excited to help my parents on this journey to build their dream home.  To know that God has blessed them so that our entire family can enjoy a nice house, but most importantly a warm, loving home that will be filled with wonderfully people that I call FAMILY!!!

 Container Store to design the master closet
  A little something Addison found in a sample closet.  I could see one of these on her in the near future.
 In awe of Container Store second floor view
 Sample of what's going in the grandkids bedroom
 Me after a very long day on Saturday
 How else to you end a day of shopping for furniture?  Manis and pedis of course.  Thank you Granddaddy for the relief.
 Addison found this Hello Kitty for the new house.  MeeMaw said it would keep the mice away.  Haha.

Don't they look worn out?

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