Sunday, July 6, 2014

VBS & Swimming

 So far our summer has consisted of a lot of swimming.  I knew that since I would be with the girls all summer my goal was to take them often so that they would enjoy the water and swim their little hearts out.  Through the month of June both girls have blossomed at swimming.  They love the water and they don't use their floats at all.  Usually Jordan and I are in the pool with them but we feel confident that if they fell in they could easily make it to the side or tread water.  That makes this momma feel much more comfortable.  I believe the key to them swimming much better are goggles.  They tuck their head under and off they go.  Both of them are jumping from the side of the pool and back the edge with no help.

 During June, our church had their VBS and since I was volunteering the girls were able to attend.  We all had a great time.  Another event that I was able to being home all summer was volunteering for VBS.  I was selected for one of the two year old classes.  We had 10 little two year olds.  Luckily I had some help with another lady and two youth workers.  Both of us ladies strongly believe that we have some of the best youth at our church.  They were awesome.

During the week of VBS our church put on a carnival for the entire town.  Let's just say that our girls are not carnival lovers.  Their since of adventure is kind of tame, so there were only a few "rides" that they attempted.

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