Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meet the Teacher: Addison

Meet the Teacher started off with Addison's computer teacher coming by the house and dropping off her Tibbals Tiger Cub sign.  Let's just say she's been wanting one for an entire year.  She was pumped.

 You just have to be silly sometimes to get the nervous jitters out.
 Poor child, she looks just like me

She grinned from ear to ear and was taking it all in.  You could see her mind just going a hundred miles an hour.  I can only imagine what her heart rate would have been if we took it as we were walking into her classroom.  May her heart be just as full of excitement on the last day of Kindergarten.  

Addison has Ms. Sewell as her Kindergarten teacher.  We are feel blessed beyond belief that she has gotten her for a teacher.  She seems like the perfect fit.  My parents are all in because she's an Aggie.  

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