Friday, October 10, 2014

Proud & Blessed

As parents, I can still remember the days that I used to cry behind closed doors because the twos and threes were so hard.  Addison was hard headed (or so I thought) and knew how to test me.  Overall she was a good toddler but at the time, I thought I was going to loose it at times.

As time has passed and I watch my baby grow, I know that every minute as a parent disciplining or praising them is worth all the effort, tears, and hugs.  They are listening and watching, and it is our job as parents to be that example to them.  I pray and continue to pray that Addison will let God shine in her heart and that she may use that love to shine upon others around her.  She has such a sweet heart and kind spirit.  May she look back when she is older and know how proud her parents are of her during this time in her life.  We love her to the moon and back and are biased but think she's one special little girl.  We love you Addison Lea Griffin!!  May God continue to bless you and you seek Him in all that you do.

 Kindergarten Musical Program
 I have video but they're too large to download, so pictures will have to do.
Miss Addison received the "Sunshine Award" at school today.  A student from each grade is chosen once a week and recognized at their Friday assembly.  The Sunshine Award is "a smiling face who brightens up everyone's day.  She was so excited to get this award.  Her teacher called us the day before and so Jordan, Landry and myself were there to see it.  She had no idea she was getting it.  This day will be carved in her brain for years.  We are so blessed to belong to such a wonderful school and surrounded by great teachers, parents, and students.

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