Thursday, November 13, 2014


Where did October go?  It flew by and I know November and December will only be faster.  I love this time of year, because there is excitement in the air.  With Halloween and colder weather, everyone starts to enjoy the holidays and spending time with friends and family.

 Landry had her Pumpkin Patch Day at MDO.  The kids were so excited and so darn cute.  Too bad her teacher called me around 11:00 to come pick her up because she was sick.  That afternoon we found out she had strep.  Never a dull moment with the cooler weather.

 My little shoppers
 Annual face painting at the State Fair of Texas.  Their daddy is smart about saving money, but when his little girls want to get their face painted he'll pay whatever.  All the girls talk about when it comes to the fair is getting their faces painted.  

 One of Landry's little friends had her 4th birthday party.  Guess what the theme was?  Frozen.  The girls could not take their eyes off of Elsa.  She had their attention from the moment she got there.  They just couldn't understand how she got to the house.

 Halloween 2014 - Elsa from Frozen

 Daddy was a good sport and went as a referee
 Gingy and Coach were able to come over
This is Landry on our way home from New Boston.  Landry and I went to New Boston to help my parents move into their new home.  I could have taken a nap too.  Hard work but worth the smiles on their faces while putting in new furniture.  

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