Monday, November 24, 2014


 To celebrate the 50th day of school, Kindergarten dressed up in 50s clothes.  When I say that her school has a theme for everything or activity for everything, I truly mean it.  There is always something to do or get involved in.  Personal bias, but doesn't she just look too darn cute?  This this sweet, smiley little girl.

 One Friday Landry and I got the pleasure to watch this little guy.  Ethan, our nephew is 11 months old and just a loving child.  He's laid back and will go to anybody.  
The girls had their last soccer game/tournament and it was the weekend that a blizzard came through Texas.  It's never this cold this early in the year.  It was crazy how bad the wind.  All the girls hung in there and played their little hearts out.  She had a great little team and loved every minute of it.  She has improved and really enjoys playing the game.  She is signed up to play with a lot of the same teammates this winter (indoors thank goodness).

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