Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finishing Up Summer

 What do you do when it's 105 degrees outside?  Go to Target and walk slowly while eating popcorn.
 Family of turkeys at Deb & Rene's
 Jordan and I are making an effort to try to spend more one on one time with each of the girls.  Well Addison got to go first.  Landry went to spend time with Gingy and Coach and we got Addison for the day.  Here's what Addison chose to for agenda:

1.  Eat lunch at Chiloso
2.  Go school clothes shopping
3.  Get a pedicure
4.  Eat pizza a Paleo's and get ice cream

We are so proud of her!  We love you big girl!

 Marshmallow balls at Jessica's shower for Aubree Grace
 Jordan and I had a whole week to ourselves while the girls split time with grandparents, so we made a trip to George W. Bush Library
 Time on the farm
 Cabinet project - fabric in the back 
 Finally finished bedding for our bedroom
 Because we never take selfies.  Love this man.  It felt like good ole college days - hanging out on the couch with no plans.
What do you do when it's dark outside and you can't see your corn hole boards?  It take them up to the new bocce ball courts. 
Last Friday before school starts.  Oh how they've grown since we moved here in December. 

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