Friday, August 28, 2015

Addison: First Day of 1st Grade

Summer flew by and now it's time to start 1st Grade.  Addison loves school - structure, learning, friends, specials classes.  After her first day of school she said her favorite class was music.  It was almost harder for me to watch her leave me.  That meant that summer was over and I would only have a few days with her every day and not all  day.  I miss her already, but I know she's soaking it up and loves school.  We have been blessed with her excitement to learn.  We pray that this year will be full of fun, learning, laughter, kindness, and overall love for life.

Meeting Mrs. Bomar at Meet the Teacher
She found her desk
A little pose on the stage at her new school
Dinner for our 1st Grader

First Day of School
First Grade
August 24, 2015
Mrs. Bomar

Mode of transportation to school - golf cart.  What happened to walking in the snow 3 miles? 

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