Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's the Little Things

As I was lying in bed last night, life hit me.  Addison and Landry are growing up and will be 7 and 5 in the next six months.  As parents we are so proud of them and love them more than they will ever know.  We are blessed beyond what we deserve and thank God for those blessings.  

 Prosper Eagles!  We are ONE!  Friday spirit wear.
 Landry got her new white board in her room, so she can be like mom and her teachers.
 Our niece, Aubree Grace was born on September 2nd.  She absolutely beautiful.

 Gingy and Coach took a little road trip with these two to see Aunt Katie and Uncle Doug in Louisiana.  They had a blast and kept everyone entertained.  Family = Love
 Jordan marked off a bucket list item and went to the Texas vs Notre Dame game in South Bend, Indiana.
 Pre-K4 here she comes
 Mrs. Tata and Mrs. Peycia
 Thanks to Uncle Gray we have entertainment on a bored weekend
 Aubree Grace
 Garth Brooks Concert with the family.
Uncle David, Aunt Carolyn, Mom, and Dad
 T.W. & Mandy

 We do love each other, see...
 Nothing like a good ole game of Trouble and old board games for nighttime entertainment
 This sweet girl, Ivy Quinn turned 2.  She's a hoot and sweet as can be.
 MeeMaw and Grandaddy are getting really good at teaching the girls to love those Aggies.  Gig'em

 So true…thanks Mom
 Addison lost her second tooth.  The first one was knocked out and this one was yanked out.  Her sweet teacher gave her a tooth necklace at school to bring it home.  She was so excited to see that the tooth fairy brought her $1.

 See You At The Pole - May Addison always follow God's word and shine His light upon the world
 Watching the Sunday praise team practice on Wednesday night at church
 Stuffed Animal Picnic at MDO
 Light Farms HOA event with reptiles, etc.  Landry's not scared at all.

 Last summer swim
 Because I can…who's going to stop me?
 Light Farms Water Balloon Fight
 Love to see them play together
Lunch date with Addison

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