Friday, April 8, 2011

Playset: Some Assembly Required

When I started thinking about what to get Addison for her 2nd birthday, I knew quickly that a playset in the backyard would be perfect.  The girl loves to be outside and throws a fit when she has to come in.  It would also benefit Gingy.  Gingy will be able to let her outside to play and take care of Landry.  It's a lot of trouble to pack up both girls and head down to the park (only 1/2 mile from our house).  This should make everybody happy (especially me).

So let the daunting task of putting the playset together begin.  I looked online for months at various playsets and decided we wanted didn't want to spend a lot of money but enough to get a quality playset.  I found one on but I had read the reviews and knew that it was going to take many hours to put it together.

My parents come in two weekends in a row to help us put it together.  Before they got there Jordan and I unloaded the boxes and organized everything (1 hour).  We put the playset together for 6 hours the first weekend and 4 the next.  We are so thankful for my dad's help.  He was amazing!!!  I really mean it - amazing!  Jordan and I would have been still putting it together on Addison's 3rd birthday.  Thanks Dad!!!  I told my dad that it was great quality time with the family and his response was "I could think a lot of other things to do to have quality family time."
Boards about 1/3 of the way into it

Main frame is together
My chill child
Addison just had to help.  I just love that she had on her overalls while being handy.

I'll have the final pictures for you on another post!  Hope you enjoy this Addison!  Blood, sweat, and a lot of patience went into this.

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