Thursday, July 7, 2011


Before we left for New Boston for the 4th of July weekend, Addison and I stopped to see Miss Angie to get our haircut.  Getting our haircut is kind of a chore, but we get it done somehow.  Angie has her salon in Rockwall, so logistically it's a chore.  Since Rockwall is on our way out of town it works out pretty well.  I leave to get my haircut and Jordan follows up with the girls about 45 minutes later.  By the time I need to start letting my color dry the gang is there.  Fortunately Jordan's sister's house is in Rockwall so we can leave his car.  Sorry for all of the details but I know I'll look back on this one day.

I just think to myself how expensive it's going to be to get all of our haircuts once they are older.  We better start saving now.

Addison after her haircut.  We didn't cut too much but enough to get it growing and keep a ponytail for the summer.  Her hair is so fine that I don't think she'll ever have long hair.
Sister on the other hand is going to have lots of hair and thick.  Thank goodness she got Jordan's hair.  We'll definitely have to get her haircut before we did Addison's.  Eating/drinking is what Landry does best these days.  She's going through a growth spurt and needs to eat a lot, or so she thinks.

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