Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Landry: 7 Months

Another month has gone by and Miss Landry is 7 months old.  Where, oh where has my little baby gone?  I put her to bed with her blanket and then go in to her room before we go to bed to take it off.  The other night I just stood by her crib and got teary eyed.  She's longer than half of the crib now.

So what's going on with Miss Landry:
  • Obsessed with TV remotes and cell phones
  • Talks all the time
  • Can almost get out of her bouncy seat just trying to get out
  • Very determined
  • Starting to get stranger anxiety - knows when we leave the room now
  • Sleeping:
    • One long and one short nap
    • 8:30p - 7:15a Night time
  • Eating
    • Bottles: 6-7 ounces per bottle
    • Baby food: eats 1-2 containers per sitting
    • Started eating Gerber puffs, cheese, yogurt
  • Smiles and laughs at Addison all day long
  • Still keeps a close eye on Buddy, the dog
  • Starting to put knees under her chest to ooch where she wants to go and get a toy
  • Clothes - 9 months
  • Happy baby and smiles all the time


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