Friday, July 8, 2011

Taking A Dip

As soon as we got to my parents for the 4th of July weekend, we filled the kiddie pool up for the girls and headed outside.  This is when I wish our back porch was covered or at least shaded by trees.  It was warm but it was nice to be able to sit outside with the girls and not tell them no to swimming.

Always telling people how to do something.  Of course her way is always right?  Not really but she likes to think so.

I told Jordan that this picture will haunt Landry when she gets married and I pull out the baby pictures.  Love the rolls!!!  She's not sure what's going on.

I think Landry started to enjoy the cool water.
MeeMaw got suckered in

Everything goes in the mouth
We couldn't get in the pool without tractors at MeeMaw and Grandaddy's

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