Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

As a mom you think about what you're going to dress your children up for Halloween weeks before.  After tons of time searching online and thinking about what best fits each childs personality, we ended up with a Dr. Addison and Ladybug Landry. 

Pre-Halloween to show off for Gingy and Coach

The hat only lasted for pictures and then we resorted to a ladybug bow.

Addison had this grin on her face most of the night.  She loved being a doctor.

Landry on the other hand.  She was not in a smiley mood but was very content people watching.

Mel & Maggie's house

The McKethan's joined us for a few houses.  Kate was the prettiest little ballerina.

Addison finally decided to say trick or treat and open her bag at the last house we went to.

This girl can hear a wrapper from anywhere.  She was all about the candy.

Taking inventory of our trick or treating.

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