Sunday, October 9, 2011


Just a few snap shots of the girls before we start getting ready for bed.  Here's a little schedule that we follow every night:

6:00p - Eat Dinner
6:30p - Play outside, if weather permits
7:00p - Bath
7:30p - Play, read books
8: 15p - Bed time

Addison will be carrying bunny and blanket to kindergarten.  We'll start working on that the first of the year.  At least we don't have to take it to MDO anymore.

She pulls down on the rim.  If you're not watching her, she tries to sneak her hands in the fireplace.  She'll look around at both Jordan and myself before she puts her hand in the fireplace to see if she's being watched.  If she noticed we're watching she grins and grins and grins thinking that'll win us over. 

Tired baby

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