Thursday, December 1, 2011

Didn't Make It In Time

You're probably wondering why in the world is Jordan shirtless in the car.  That's what many others were asking themselves as we passed them on the road.  

We went to the mall to do some quick shopping this weekend.  While we were there Addison and Landry got to play in the kids' play area.  Addison was so busy playing that she realized that she needed to go potty asap.  Jordan grabbed her and off we went to find a restroom.  Well, guess what?  She didn't make it in time.  Therefore Jordan's shirt was covered in pee pee.    I was dying laughing.  Poor guy.  

Needless to say we just went straight to the car and headed home with him without a shirt.

Hot Daddy as Addison would say
Then there was this sweet thing just having a good time.  She thought Daddy was funny.

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