Friday, January 6, 2012

Griffin Christmas

Christmas Eve we headed over to Jordan's parents' to celebrate Christmas with them.  We had a great time and this was the first year in a while that everyone was in attendance.  I know Gingy was on cloud nine with all of her chicks home.  The girls were so excited about all of their gifts and so were their parents.  Thanks Alyson and Marty.
Cement mixer from Aunt Katie and Uncle Doug
I tell you, this girl loves her some tractors, trucks, etc.  She's slowly moving over to the baby dolls and girlie things but her heart is with things with motors.
Landry just enjoyed eating paper.  I don't doubt that some made it to the stomach.
She looks so grown up here.  We got her hair cut in a little bob the day before and it's the cutest thing when she let's me blow dry it and flip it under.

Cash register - this girl already knows how to swipe a credit card at the store.

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