Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Visit from Jack

I am way behind on postings, but I'm going to get caught up this week.  I still have to put Christmas on the blog.  Where does time go?  I tell myself at least it's posted to go in their books, and I'm not going to stress myself out about not getting it done the week that particular event occurs.  There's much more important things - like spending my free time with my family.

Jack, Addison and Landry's 2nd cousin was in town early in December.  Gingy took them over to Nina and Papa's to play and boy did they have a great time.  Addison has talked about Jack for weeks and got to see him again this past weekend (post to come).  Thanks to Aunt Katie we have a few pictures of their play date.

Silly girls
Spiderman Dance (thanks Uncle Gray)

Jack is the happiest little boy - so cute
Addison loves to look at pictures on everyone's phone
Melts my heart

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