Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Griffin home - almost a month later.  I kept thinking I would add more pictures to this post, so that's why it's taken me a while to put it up.  However, I don't have more pictures, so I'm just going to go ahead and post.  We took a lot of video but video doesn't really print well in a blog book (that's the whole purpose of the blog), so we'll just go with the few snap shots I was able to get.

What an exciting year in our home for Christmas.  We had Jonah, our Elf on the Shelf leading up until Christmas and Addison still asks about him.  Where did he go?  Where's Jonah?  It's January 16th and she's still singing Jingle Bells, Rudolf, etc.  I think our girl is a fan of Christmas.  Both Gingy and us bought a Christmas cd to play in the car, and it was played every single time we got in the car.  I think we learned our lesson this year not to do it next year, but it was the cutest thing listening to hear sing and Landry get excited when she heard it come on.  I'll have to debate on what to do next year.

Addison decided that Santa Claus would like brownies better than cookies, so Santa got brownies.
He even left them a little note before he left.
For months Addison had been asking for a pink stroller.  I told her that she needed to ask Santa for it.  Any time you asked her what she wanted from Santa, it was a pink stroller.  Santa was a good listener.

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